Saturday, April 21, 2007

Update - Mile 53

Greyhound and TriBoomer just left a message... which sounded like this:

"I reckon we're about a third of the way finished. We just passed through Industry and are in the nice hilly country in Texas. The sun has come out and it's a beautiful day. The wind is at our back... as it should be."

Which I will now translate to Nytrospeak:

"We've gone 53 miles and are only a THIRD of the way finished. HOLY SH*T. I can only thank God that hilly country in Texas is different than hilly country in Utah. Cuz, real hills would be the end of me. THE END OF ME. The sun has come out and it's a beautiful day. The wind... well, I'm not allowed to say "like buttah" anymore... seeing as I'm not a gangsta. And "bling, cheese and ice" won't do, either. So, I'll just say that it's as it should be. I'm currently looking for the closest strip club... but in the 'hilly' country in Texas, there's not just as many as you would think there would be. Best Little Whore House In Texas? A myth."

Told you he'd regret this error in judgement.

I'm supposed to run 20 miles today, so I don't know how many more updates I'll be able to get in. I'll do what I can, though.

Go Greyhound and Boomer!

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