Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hijacked! Part I

Hey everyone... It's Nytro. It's Nytro on Greyhound's blog. It's the end of the world. Drink the punch!

This morning Benny woke me up to tell me that I've been asked - nay, DEMANDED - to hijack a certain canine's blog and "give the peeps a progress report".

Since I'm not smart enough to figure out how to track him, I'm going to be making it up. Well, most of it. When he called this morning - the ONE MORNING I didn't have to wake up at 5:15, thanks a lot Greyhound - he was at mile 35 with TriBoomer. They have "successfully relieved themselves. It is cloudy, cool, foggy... and the tailwinds are like buttah."

Someone needs to tell this man he's NOT in his 20's anymore. And when he WAS in his 20's... describing something as "like buttah" probably would have gotten him shot.

Anyhoo.... those of you who have not donated yet (like, um... moi) can still do so. I think. Gee, Nytro... it's only been six months since the bet and you still haven't contributed. Niiiicceeee. Better get on that.

You know what I find interesting? Within three hours of actually meeting Greyhound, we ask him to hold our wedding bands. It takes him six months, but he reciprocates that favor... by giving me his login and password to his blog. I predict that he will come to rue the day he made that particular error in judgement.

And, can I just say that his password? Benny and I had a serious "awwwweeee" moment. So. Cute.

That's all I've got for now. I'm hoping Greyhound will call me throughout the day with various updates. And I'm praying that at least one of those updates comes from a strip club.

Meanwhile, in the house that IronBenny and Nytro built, Benny just showed me some serious sexiness. He's bought himself a biking bib. And I must say, I may never see again. That image has burnt my cornea. Apparently, it doesn't matter how fit and sexy you are in real life... the bib? It's the great equalizer.

Go Greyhound and TriBoomer!

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Iron Pol said...

I thought Greyhound was daring for coming all the way to Wisconsin where he got to help care for the Pol kids.

Now, he goes and gives Nytro the keys to the kingdom.

That takes marbles.