Tuesday, April 17, 2007

MS150 Update

Peeps have informed me of technical difficulties with my donation link. I am informed that the whole BP MS150 website is down, doubtless because of the many tribloggers who are smokin' up the servers with their donations and good wishes. When they come back online, if you are so inclined, click here for the secure, online donation site. Absent that, shoot me an e-mail and I can tell you where to send a check by snail mail.

In other news, weather.com says we will have temperate weather and a nice 13 mph wind at our backs all the way to Austin. If so, this goofy little bike ride will be a walk in the park.

. . . . but, weather.com has been known to lie like a rug. So, as my wingman would say, stay tuned.

Finally, to get you really stoked up into a charitable feeding frenzy, I include the following video from last year's ride. Note the fiddle player on the tractor. I remember him, as well as the pedal partner that they interviewed at the break point. Enjoy and respond.

1 comment:

Iron Pol said...

Okay, the guy who REALLY impressed me is the guy on the unicycle!

Half that distance on a unicycle would be amazing. If he did the whole distance, I bow in homage to an awesome feat.