Saturday, April 21, 2007

Stick A Fork In Them (And Me)... They're Done

They're done.

I don't know what time they finished. But, they finished.


They could be lying for all I know.

Anyhoo, when Greyhound and I last spoke with each other, they had been at the 112-mile mark and were doing just fine. And, I was directed to make sure that the blog-world knew that TriBoomer was inspecting every HoneyBucket from Houston to Austin.

I know... weird. Common sense says that it would be the canine in the group hitting every fire hydrant.

Sorry, Greyhound. That's the best I could do after my run. You're lucky that I was actually able to string some nouns, verbs and punctuation together in a somewhat coherant style. I'll admit it, your blog is getting more from me than Benny is.

Congrats again. You. Rock.


Wendy said...

Great job guys!!!

Shelley said...

What's a honeybucket??? Anyways..hope you done good..i'm waiting for a full report!!