Monday, August 20, 2007

In The Barn?

Last fall, I would not have believed I would ever be where I am now. 20 days before an Ironman with the big miles completed and healthy.

Well, if not healthy, then at least uninjured.

Recall: After signing up for Ironman Wisconsin in September, I severely injured my neck in October, and through equal parts ignorance and stubborness, did not know for several weeks that I had ruptured a disc between C6 and C7. All through November and December I was unable to swim or bike or lift weights.

Much of that time, I could not sleep more than four hours at a stretch, because that is how long the pain medication would last. Probably I was just being a drama queen, but I wondered whether I would ever be able to train again.

The surgeon was sure that he would be removing the pulverized remainder of the disc and fusing my vertibrae together. He was wrong.

Here I am. The story of how I got from there to here involves input from lots of folks, about whom I will write as I move toward and past Ironman. Right now, I just can hardly be happier that I am here.

I have done training rides of over 100 miles 4 times in the past 8 weeks.

I've done rides in excess of 100 miles 7 times since January.

Last year 60 miles was a full ride; now I don't even wonder how long I've been riding until it ticks past 80.

I am in marathon shape. More, it seems like I can run tired as long as needs be.

I swam 5000 yards on Friday and suffered more from boredom than from effort. Little more than two years ago, 500 yards was unthinkable.

The only thing between me and the start line are some average workouts and a taper.

My first two marathons killed me with plantar fascitis and other injuries. Today, with all this volume, I am completely uninjured.

The only discomfort I have is some stiff quads and a bit of a cold.

I am almost 41 years old, and I'm not the second coming of Dave Scott, but I tell you one thing for sure. I could kick my own 25 year old ass.



Kim said...

you're ready to rock and roll greyhound! :)

you failed to include a picture of you swimming 5,000 yards in a speedo. ill give you until tomorrow.

Laurie said...

You sound ready, congratulations on getting through all of that hard work.

Vickie said...

You sound in awe--and should be--of what you can do from where you were a year ago. And as one who knows, those who train and do so without serious injury or accident, do not know what those of us who have suffered have had to overcome, so it is a bigger accomplishment than what most experience. Good luck.

Jane said...

Impressive! Even more so as I did not know you injured your neck so badly. You are an inspiration to me. Fer serious, dude [insert cheesy music here] Despite my flippancy, I'm being serious. I am happy when I read your blog or others' triblogs or do tri-stuff. Thank you.

Tea said...


Unknown said...

You're ready to rock it, Greyhound!

(And I'm ready to ring it. Cowbell that is.)

Anonymous said...

yeah! you are going to kick. some. ass.

Old and Slow said...

I hate to spoil the trend because so far all the commenters have been women -- hate to see you get a big head now that you've become a tri stud so i was compelled to comment.

Love the line:
I could kick my own 25 year old ass.

LBTEPA said...

What a journey - a victory of hope and determination over pain and doubt.
I love this line
"I am almost 41 years old, and I'm not the second coming of Dave Scott, but I tell you one thing for sure. I could kick my own 25 year old ass."

Bigun said...

But you ARE the second coming of Greyhound!

Unknown said...

What Brian and Ibtepa said. :)

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

OMG! You are AWESOME!!!!

Go get it!

Spokane Al said...

I like your measurement against your younger self. I suspect many of us fall in the same boat - and we all keep getting stronger and better.

Rock on!

Robyn said...

What a great post! We're 27 and 29 -- and can't wait for our 40s!

Brent Buckner said...

Great results - doggedly bought and paid for on the roads and in the water.

pinkgurugal said...

way to go! you've achieved so much already! and don't you hate those swims!!! the countdown begins! see you at the finish line (oh i will be WAY behind!)

Andra Sue said...

Bring it ON! That ass kicking is less than 3 weeks away!!! You're so ready. :)

Team Brazo said...

Excellent Line:

I am almost 41 years old, and I'm not the second coming of Dave Scott, but I tell you one thing for sure. I could kick my own 25 year old ass.

I'm almost 43 and will be lining up next to you and the rest of the folks on September 9th -- and YES, I also could kick my own 25 year old ass.

Taper time...

The Stretch Doc said...

your gonna make the IM look too easy g-dog!!

Glad all is working well.


Larissa said...

That 25 year old you is standing there, jaw dropped, absolutely amazed at what he's turned into.

Get ready to hear "You Are An Ironman!" You've earned it.


How awesome to read and FEEL the confidence. Good-2-Go-BABY!!!

Triteacher said...

Yee-hah, Greyhound! Very cool post.

William Lobdell said...

ah, greyhound? you are more than ready. kick some ass and enjoy the day.

shelek said...

Now don't go beating yourself up over the past.

... get it? Anybody? Sigh.

Seriously though, congrats. You've come a long way, and I can't wait to see you at the finish line. Go Greyhound!

Unknown said...

very inspiring journey. have a great race!!