Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Moms Know Everything


It is no surprise that moms like Nancy Toby remained unfooled by my cryptic hints. Moms know all--omniscience is a prerequisite for the job.

We are in Florida for the Walt Disney World Marathon, about which more to come. For now, suffice it to say that this hot, humid and crowded race is a very thinly veiled ploy to get me to take my girls somewhere decent.
What about Madison for IMWI?
Lubbock for BSLT 70.3?
Austin for the MS150 and Cap Tex Tri?
Galveston? The Woodlands?
Yeah. Not so much.
Florida. OK.
I am, after all, a very small cog in the complex, female world that I inhabit.


TxSkatemom said...

are you doing the Goofy challenge, too? Or "just" the marathon? I can't wait to hear the race report!

I must incorporate this into my plans sooner than later! What fun! Take LOTS of pix!

Laurie said...

Duh! I guess it would help to read your sidebar that says Disney Marathon on Sunday.

Have fun in Disney!

Good luck with your marathon!

Bolder said...

what was it like to eat Canadian?

i heard it tastes like chicken.

the gurls are havin' some fun!

Shelley said...

Well i'll be at BSLT and more cool reason to do those races..:-D

Wendy said...

Have a hoot one and all!! (And out of interest, what were your choices of Canadian cuisine?)

21st Century Mom said...

You forgot the last part of that which is "And they are always right".

Good luck on your marathon and try not to melt.

ironjenny said...

What a blast! Have a great time. I love Disney....
good luck in your marathon!

nancytoby said...

Woot! What do I win? And what's your bib number?

Iron Pol said...

Have a great end to your taper. And what a way to taper! Hanging out with Goofy and all his friends.

And how awesome to involve the family. You get to race, they get to have a great time, too.

Rock Disney on Sunday!

Brent Buckner said...

Next up Florida 70.3?