Thursday, January 08, 2009

100 Days

OK, we have entered the "100 days" period. No, not HIS 100 days. This blog is all about me.

It is 100 days until the 25th running -- or riding -- of the MS150 from Houston to Austin. I am doing it this year just like I always do. So this means several things for you.

First, it means I'm going to start asking for donations. You'll just have to bear with me, because I ride this every year, and I do it because Mrs. Greyhound has Multiple Sclerosis, so this is kind of a big deal for us.

Donate HERE.

Subtle, non?

Second, the freaking event sold out in 7 hours, so many of the people I was trying to get in the event to ride with me as a team were shut out. If, however, you did get registered, and you would like to ride with the Greyhound group, go HERE and click on the appropriate tab and also leave me a comment. I'll be needing to work out lodging and transport logistics for whomever wants in.

Third, and before you join up, you should be advised, that this team is a little bit different from the average team full of Freds on expensive bikes. We will be riding from Houston, past the overnight in La Grange, and on to Bastrop on the first day, 120-ish or so miles. And if lodging cannot be arranged in Bastrop, we may just have to go all 150+ miles to Austin in one day.

And then run off the bike.

Because that's how we roll.

Because that's the Ironman way.

Dot the M, Baby.



Dude, you are *effing* awesome. Let's dot the m, bro. We're going all the way on Day 1

Richard said...

That's the Ironman way.

Pretty good tagline :) Makes me wish I could, well, ride a bike 120 miles. Maybe next year...

Richard said...
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CoachLiz said...

Oh Yeah! I am loving the brick. I got out and hit the road for three hours yesterday. My training is underway! We are going all the way on the first day!!!

CoachLiz said...
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CoachLiz said...
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Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

As much as it sucks for getting a team in, that is awesome that the event sells out in 7 hours!