Friday, January 16, 2009

Two Days: Food! Glorious Food!

So, yeah. Carbs made their reappearance into the pre-race diet in the last 24 hours. I lurves my quinoa and my rice and my spaghetti. And I immediately felt better physically. But also gained about 2.5 pounds overnight, after having maintained a constant weight during Christmas, the subsequent vacation, and even during the marathon taper. How is it possible to eat one wafer thin mint weighing a mere ounce and balloon up more than a kilo.

OK, so that was an exaggeration. I had Chinese food.

And red beans and rice.

And Quinoa and black beans.


Next to the marathon expo to get my number and gorge on all the toys and trinkets, like a sugar-highed kid in a candy store.



Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

Everyone one of those carbs is essential! You wouldn't want to bonk on race day now, would you? :-)

Unknown said...

Water weight!! (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

Anonymous said...

Chineses food?? hilarious. i love its.

Kim said...

IT'S GO TIME!!!! mmmmmm crab rangoons!!!!!!!! good luck grey!!!!

Jane said...

Go fast, the greyhound you are. Chinese food has lots of sodium too - it's electrolyte loading!

KCWoodhead said...

Oh how I long for some Chinese. I'm staying away though since I'm only running the half and the only thing I have a chance at PRing in right now is our Biggest Loser competition.

BreeWee said...

I LOVE Quinoa!

See, you leave shoes, we all leave shoes! It should become a world-wide trade thing!

ALMOST race day... SO ready to watch you smash it, just think... if you can do 100 multiplication tables in a minute you can run 26.2 in like 3hours or something :)

tri-mama said...

Excitement growing....! Have a fantastic race!