Friday, May 26, 2006

Triathlon is a pain in the @**

Being 39 apparently means never really being fully recovered. At the end of a recovery week, I have a literal pain in my @** in addition to the figurative pain in my @** that is known as my job.

It feels like a pinch right where my hamstring and right cheek would come together, and seems to flare if I rotate my knee/femur either inward or outward. I've had the normal overuse injuries before, but never something like this.

Anybody ever have this or have any suggestions (other than the rest I am taking) concerning what to do?


Iron Pol said...

Is it just when you move your knee in or out, or when you walk, too? I had a pelvic torsion at one point. The end result was that one side felt extremely tight, especially throught the hams and gluts. I visited my DO, and he did a bit of evil osteopathic manipulation (translated, dungeon type torture) to get my pelvis back where it belonged. One visit, all was well.

Just one idea.

Habeela said...

Ooh. This does not sound good dear Greyhound. I would have it checked out. Alternatively, if you're not already doing it, go get the Core Performance book and try the warm-up exercises and see if it makes it better. If it doesn't though, definitely get it looked at.

Scott said...

Having seen your comments on other blogs, I thought I'd check out yours.

Your ... a few of my favourite things... is so expressive. It's almost like I can feel or see some of the things you describe.


TriBoomer said...


Good luck in the CapTexTri. I wish I could be there to race it with you but my schedule didn't permit it this year. Give us a report, OK?

Stay tuned...