Saturday, May 13, 2006

Do You Believe In Miracles??!!

Yesterday I said it would be a freaking miracle if I completed my brick today. DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES??!!
According to TriMama's Bike Shop Guy, one's neck and shoulders ache in the aero bars because our heads are so freakishly huge. Mine are killing me and hopefully Mrs. Greyhound has a cure. To the left, gentle reader, is an actual picture of my freakishly huge head of stone. I attribute the size, at least in part, to completing today's brick, which gave me a big shot of confidence for Buffalo Springs Lake 70.3.
50 hot, windy and hilly miles followed by a very hot 10k while the roadies (non-triathlete folk) looked on in horror. One even shouted, "YOU'RE CRAZY." The triathletes, however, gave the handlebar wave or the thumbs up while rolling past. Nothing an ironman would write home about, but for a former paperman, it counts as serious progress.
Long run tomorrow. We meet . . . at dawn. BRING IT!


Habeela said...

Go Greyhound! That's awesome! May tomorrow's run be even better!

TriBoomer said...

Way to go Greyhound. Let us know how the run goes. Oh, by the way, cool accent on GYGO!

Dan said...

Hey Greyhound,
I'm an ironman, I'd write home about that one. I was down in H-town yesterday it was hot!

Curly Su said...

awesome job! isn't it amazing how great a little training feels?