Saturday, May 06, 2006

. . . And Sometimes It Rains

Just like "Crash" Davis said, "Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes it rains." No kidding.

The monumental first tri that was to occur today was a total wash. The pre-dawn drive toward the race site was like being a storm chaser. The thunder, lightening and rain grew more and more intense the closer to the course I got. Shortly before arrival, I know I saw animals lined up two by two next to a huge boat. Too much lightening for a swim, too much water on the road for a bike, and no need to run the mere 5k that they held out for when the weather broke.

M&M and I could have given up. That would have been the easy way.


When the skies cleared, we did a brick to mimic the olympic distance event coming up. Bike: 2 mile warmup, 4x6 mile lactate intervals (max 26 mph), 2 mile cool down (1:21:00); Run: 10k long slow distance in the muggy heat (55:52).

The neighborhood pool opens today--f-ing cold after the rain. Perfect for my first wetsuit swim while the soft suburbanites stay home.

Lemons = Lemonade (or whiskey sours)

First Race: Capital of Texas Tri Olympic Distance May 29 (insert woofing sound here).


Habeela said...

That's the spirit!

Wil said...

'BUT IT WOULDN'T BE THE COWBOY WAY.' That's what I'm talking about... very nice... very nice.

All right, you better not have an accent of ANY kind :)