Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mile Markers

I read a really wonderful post the other day by Iron Wil, and since that time my thoughts have been wandering about where I have been since starting this journey, and why I keep traveling this road. I have not yet found the proper words to do a post on that topic, but there are some stats that show some of the mileposts along the way. I do not set them out for bragging rights. Most of them, especially the race times, are pretty unremarkable. When measured by who I once was, however, they are perhaps a clue as to what is inside me, and how far I can go.

2001?: 160 lbs., 35 years old. Did "The Half" in Dallas. 13.1 miles. Time: unknown. Walked and suffered and swore I would never do a marathon because I could not have turned around and gone back to the start if someone had pulled a gun on me.

2003: 155 lbs., 37 years old. Marine Corps Marathon (in the middle of two weeks of trial). 5:05:--. Finished but only barely. Very little good running after 18 miles. Completely detrained and became inactive again.

Summer 2004: Injury halts run training. Balloon to 169 lbs. At 5'4.5", that's pretty portly.

January 2005: 38 years old, 152 lbs. Houston Marathon. 4:35:-- Kept training this time. MS150, cycling vacation in Colorado, run training in the fall with Coach T, grown up swim lessons because I have begun to wonder, can I tri?

January 2006: 39 years old, 145 lbs. Houston Marathon. 3:53:-- After recovery, began first season of organized tri training.

Today: 39 years old, 136.7 lbs. First triathlon this weekend.

Thank you Maria Gratia, Coach T and Mrs. Greyhound.

The road goes ever on and on.


Habeela said...

That's some serious progress. Keep it up. Good luck this weekend!

Iron Pol said...

There goes the "twins" theory. I would be happy to break your "portly" weight. The one positive is that I'm just over 5'10". I've been trying to break 190 for quite some time.

Good progress, especially breaking the 4 hour marathon mark. I shot for that in Chicago, but a fever slowed me down.

Good luck in the triathlon. Just over 4 weeks until my first attempt. You'll do great.

Kevin B said...

As a 44 tri newbie myself (did 5 sprints last year), I wish you a ton of luck this weekend. Not that luck is involved, but I think you have already figured that out. I bet you will find the race exhilirating and generally just a ton of fun. Take it easy in the water and don't worry about what everybody else is doing.

Wil said...

You're going to be great! Good luck!

Wow.. look how far you come... how much does that rock!?