Monday, July 09, 2007


Today, the Greyhound HATC was graced with blogosphere royalty. Trimama and the Tribe have arrived, and so has the Iron Kahuna. We took a little bit of a bike ride here are some family pics.

Instant Best Friends
Soapinator and Superpounce: penpals turned instant best friends.

Kahuna Arrives to His Adoring Public
Kahuna and Buttah arrive to their adoring public.

Kahuna Flats
Kahuna flats within 400 meters--but I think he just needed the rest.

The Dynamic Duo
The Dynamic Duo--Yes, Trimama broke out the m-dot gear on us.

Post Ride Trimama
Trimama after the ride--on the job with the tribe.

Soap and Urp
Soap and Urp in the Blue River.

Post Ride Kahuna
Kahuna after the ride--shortly before being doused with snow melt river water by the Soapinator.

Soap is still alive.


Carrie said...

It's a shame my trip to Colorado isn't for a couple of weekends! I'd love to be riding with you guys (well...not the 82 mile ride!)

Wendy said...

Wow! What fun!

Shelley said...

Beautiful!!! Glad you had a great trip!!

IronJenny said...

Keep the pics coming! It was great having coffee with you guys this morning! (from Minnesota!)

TriBoomer said...

That's a lot of tri-blogie power gathered in one place. Do you need a permit for that in Colorado?

Stay tuned...

Eric said...

Ow, ow, eyes. Poor Buttah being subjected to such crualty. Tell me I'm not seeing her lying on her drive train side while Kahuna is changing that tire!

All of the pictures are great, even if they are incriminating to the Kahuna for bicycle abuse. ; )