Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wildflower: IRL

With apologies to Bolder, my uber friend and Iron role model, I borrow a paraphrase of his post for today as the starting place for my own. For it is off to Wildflower I fly tomorrow morning for the second HIM of the year.

"Well sportsfans, it's getting close to race day again, I'm about to jet out, and I feel myself winding up, like a tightly coiled spring---a compact titanium coil in the pit of my stomach. Preparing to unleash my preparation onto my opportunity on race day--or maybe getting ready to throw up a little bit in my mouth."

I don't think I lack preparation. According to my log, since the begining of the year, the numbers are:

Swim: 102,000 yards, 42 hours of training.

Bike: 1100 miles, plus trainer time, 103 hours of training.

Run: 200 miles, for 37 hours of training

Strength: Almost 26 hours of training.

That ought to get me to the line in reasonable shape if I just start at the beginning and proceed to the end by way of the middle.

Then why am I so nervous? Why do I feel like I'm 13 and I am the only jr. high student at the party for the high school band. (That actually happened, and notwithstanding my angst, a first kiss was involved, but that is a whole different story.)

I don't think it is embarassment over finishing times. I'm in it for the cameraderie. I have raced before with friends, and it is well known that I have no studly racing expectations. I am decidedly average. Not one bit better. But I have never raced with the tribloggers, and every time you meet a blogger in real life (IRL), there is always that gap between who you are and who they think you are based upon what you write.

I write for a living, so that gap might be pretty big.

Of course, I have already met many of the bloggers and podcasters in real life, yet, with me, it's always back to junior high school. "What if they don't like me?" and more importantly, "What if I make a fool of myself?"

But then you get to the spirit of triathlon. No one comes to this sport uniformly excellent in all three disciplines--and some of us come struggling at all three. Everyone is alternatively foolish and heroic, sometimes all at the same time. So there's room for everyone.

And unlike when we were 13, no one cards us when we purchase the alcohol to lubricate the social graces.

My bags are packed, I'm ready to go.

Caution. Epic weekend ahead.


Iron Benny said...

Lay the smack down legal beagle. And remember, just be yourself and all will be right. Good luck friend.

Bolder said...

see you soon!

Wendy said...


TriBoomer said...


It's time to put down the bone and chase some cars. Let's go get our Wildflower on!

Stay tuned...

Wrenching Winz said...

Find a rabbit, chase and pounce.

Mallie said...

I think your angst is totally normal and I'm sure several of us are feeling the same trepidations as we prepare for our own events and outings this weekend. Great imagery, the look back to adolescent angst had me wincing in remembrance while I was laughing!

Spokane Al said...

You say very well what many of us are feeling concerning being average and just being out there to do the best we can with what we have.

Good luck to you this weekend.

21stCenturyMom said...

You've probably already left but I am still here until noon tomorrow. Tomorrow night I will meet you and you know what? You're probably right - I'll probably think you are a jerk - NOT!

We are going to have so much fun and we'll all be feelin' the triblogger love. Of that I am sure.

Amy said...

Good luck this weekend. Watch out for Canadians. Especially ones named Andrew (he'll probably have Tuv on his butt and a red LETC jacket). He's trouble, and one of my coaches. So just give'r out there and have fun eh.

Iron Pol said...

Grey, take note of the comments provided by every single blogger who has met you. Fear not, my friend. All will be well and you'll impress everyone.

Perhaps you won't win any race medals, but you'll certainly end up number one in the hearts and minds of a lot of people.

Rock the course, and have a blast, besides. And remember, 13 was a great age.

Bigun said...

I've got no room to talk - I'm scared about this weekend too. And I don't even have to meet anyone! Race first, social later...naa, looks like it will be an exercise in restraint right up until the gun - after that, no holds barred - race hard and party harder!

LBTEPA said...

I'm so excited! I've been quoted by two of my idols - Iron Wil AND Tri-greyhound! Cool!
Looking forward to your race report - I know you'll have a great time :)

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

wishing you a kick ass race!! Have a great time! Bigun and I are with all of you guys in our hearts!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the race!

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a.maria said...

"there is always that gap between who you are and who they think you are based upon what you write."

i so know what you mean! but i'm sure you're even more fantastic in person. don't sweat it!