Saturday, May 26, 2007


The clouds started to roll in during the last portion of the bike in my bike/run brick. Wind kicked up as well. Temperature alternated between subtropical swelter and the cool that was still mostly hidden behind the front.

The rain started just as I went out on the run. not the hot misting rain we usually get on summer afternoons. That type of rain only makes things hotter, stickier and more miserable. These were heavy cold drops that promised relief.

Rank after rank of black clouds marched across the sky, never quite living up to it's full potential, until this afternoon, when everything in the house had come to a stop. Thuder pealed and it rained hard for two hours--during which time I was drugged by the leftover endorphins and the lullaby of water pouring down off the house.

I slept.

During the dayling.

For two hours.



Curly Su said...

sounds absolutely perfect!

a.maria said...

oooh. running in the rain and napping in a storm.

i concur. heaven on earth!

GeekGirl said...

I tried running in the rain once...I thought it would be all cool and refreshing, since I livein the desert. it wasn't. It was like being really sweaty, but more so. Yuck. I"m glad you enjoyed it, though!

Bigun said...

I saw that giant storm race through Texas yesterday - probalby flooded Houson (again). I wish I could nap - I'm jealous of all you nappers out there.

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

I know that rain you are talking about. When we lived in Houston they fell a couple of times a year. They are the best rain storms ever. Everything seems so clean and fresh afterwards. Your day starts with sweat bursting from your pores the second you walk out your door in the morning. The rain, however, seems to make it all pleasant again. Even if it is just for the remainder of the evening. Tomorrow - starts the same as the day before...summer in Houston.

ironjenny said...

ahhhh... napping. Luxury in its purest form!

21stCenturyMom said...

I took a nap yesterday, too. I loves me a post-training nap. In my case it was open water swimming and cycling and not much of it but it still felt like heaven.