Saturday, May 12, 2007

Gittin' Back On That Horse

You see, I'm from Texas.

As if you couldn't tell.

And when a little Texan falls learning how to ride a bike, or takes a line drive to the chin, or fails at just about anything, he's liable to hear a homily about, "gittin' right back up there on the horse."

Those homilies stick.

The swim bucked me off at Wildflower, much more than I expected. So today, I got back up on that horse.

Today, I met Mishele K, my triclub homie at Twin Lakes, the local swimmin' hole for triathlete types.

Twin Lakes
Twin Lakes

Besides being a top engineer, Mishele is a four time Ironman finisher and uber swimmer chica. Mishele can do an Ironman swim in 1:04. Did you get that number---One Oh Freaking FOUR!

I will proclaim myself to be aquaman if I finish in an hour and a half.

Anyway, my goal was to swim two easy loops of the lake bouys, which totals just under 2k. I reached the goal, practicing a new form of siting. Even with general lollygagging, my time was quicker than the Lone Star Half-Iron swim. I learned some things about my stroke, how my wetsuit keep me from breathing (and did so at Wildflower) when the sleeves are not pulled tight to the armpits, and I even had some fun in the open water. That really doesn't happen with me.

Mishele swam circles around me, of course, swam out and back, and generally fished it up all over the place sans wetsuit. But that's just another reason to admire her. She'll pass the patent bar this summer and will be a much-sought-after law school grad three years from now. Um yeah, Engineer Girl has game.

Anyway, I intend to gradually add distance every week until I can do five loops comfortably. Then, it is hoped, I will be Iron-Ready and I can ride that horse.


Curly Su said...

way to make your plan go into action so've got game too!

Iron Pol said...

I got out in the lake, this weekend. I only got about 1000 yards in before calling it a day. If you're swimming and learning, it's a good day.

And I'm right with you on the time. Anything under 90 minutes and I declare myself a swim champion in my own mind.

Nytro said...

don't you have water moccassins in those lakes? or at the very least croc's?

Carrie said...

As someone with similar fears, I'm with you all the way Greyhound!! Keep getting on the horse. One day it will stop bucking!

JohnnyTri said...

Hey you all were in my neck of the woods of the H-town area!

I was recovering from a brick on Saturday up in Montogmery area so was resting on my usual Twin Lakes swim day.. Let me know if you all head out there again.
And didn't get to the May HRTC meeting but will plan on the June meeting so look forward to meeting you!