Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Totally Cool

The miracle of the couch cushions. I pestered you yesterday for $42.94 to make my fundraising goal, and the bogosphere came through. The way it came through is totally cool.

Nine people made donations yesterday. Some were from friends who have contacted me or commented before, but some of the friendly lurkers came out of the shadows and made themselves known. In fact, within 3 minutes of posting yesterday, someone I did not recognize made a donation that put us over the top. Two people made donations of $42.94. Another triathlete who drops by the blog made a donation and sent me a personal e-mail telling me about the MS story in her family and how much she enjoys the blog.

The final total this year:

Wait for it----------


**Insert wild applause here***

I am very very grateful for the donations, and even more grateful when people reach out and react to whatever I'm doing here. THIS is the highest and best use of technology--using ones and zeros and electrons to form connections between people. Thanks for reading, and most importantly, thanks for connecting.


Shelley said...

That's cuz we all luvs ya!!!! Way to gooooo woot!!

Joe V said...

Glad to do what little I could.

Coach Tammy said...

Nice job! I missed yesterday's post... damn. Maybe next year :D

Terra said...

Congratulations on the fundraiser. It is so important to have a "reason" for racing when you are out there, struggling through some of the mental "demons". We all go through it but you have made the right step to "pushing onward". You will do great at Iron Moo... that was my first Ironman in 2005. My mom is racing it this year- I may go watch. See you in Lubbock!