Monday, February 11, 2008

Below The Neck (SFW)

I have been accused of overtraining in the past, and occasionally the accusation may have been true. I do train a lot,as in consistently, day after day, but I really don't brutalize myself to any great extent. Indeed, I am a great lover of rest days, recovery food, naps, stretching, the foam roller, and most of all, I LURVES me a massage.

And if I am accused of overtaining recently, I would have to plead not-guilty. I have been bouncing back from workouts very well, taking it easy on my easy days, and recording good improvements.

Nevertheless, my body has decided to go on strike. I have a head cold, and my illiacus and psoas major issue loud complaints any time I try to run.


At least this is my working hypothesis, because I don't think I've been running enough volume to risk a stress fracture and the doctor's office will not call me back so that I can either see my primary care physician or skip that unnecessary step and go straight to the orthopod for a proper diagnosis. After said diagnosis, I hold out the vain hope that they will actually embark on a rehabilitation regime rather than the typical, sedentary, lazy medical practitioner approach, namely: don't exercise so much.

Well, gosh, Dr. Obvious. If I wanted to be a pudgy waste of carbon like you, I'd have done that long ago. Forgive me for thinking that the function of your profession was to get my body to function properly, even if my idea of "properly" is a bit more demanding than yours.

But I'm not bitter.

Really, I'm not.

At this rate I will have rehabbed myself before the doctor ever calls me back. It appears to be getting better and is a lot less painful than last Tuesday when I could hardly walk. The only worrisome feature is that there is now minor, cramping pain referring from the illiacus to a different region below the neck:


So, uhm. Yeah. The discomfort is very minor, but I feel it in a place that I consider to be very, VERY important, my left testicle. (By the way, this is just an illustration. Mine does not have those painful hooks and pins in it. And the genuine article is much much more impressive in real life. Really. I swear.)

Everything is improving steadily, but I hope I don't have a hernia or something that requires a total cessation of training. Yes, I'm stretching. Yes, I'm foam rollering. Yes, I've had a massage. Yes, yes, yes. Amateur medical opinions are welcomed, because I can't seem to get a professional physician to pay attention to me.

But no worries, because this weekend I was engaging in "best practices" for anyone coming down with a cold and suffering from a potential orthopedic injury. I was sleeping on the ground in damp, cool weather. You see, Friday and Saturday was a scheduled campout with Superpounce and the YMCA Trail Guides. And when it comes to dad duty, you just gotta rub some dirt on it and HTFU. No excuses. Get the job done. As a result, Superpounce thinks I am the master of all things native American because I was able to fashion a bow for her using only a hatchet, a green branch and some string.

Parenting is not for sissies. If it was easy, anyone could do it.

The weekend also worked out great due to tag-team parenting assist from Mrs. Greyhound. Friday and Saturday she got to watch Jane Austen to her heart's content. But, Sunday morning she met me at the campground driving my car with the bike on board. We tagged, traded kid duty, and I repaired to my favorite hills in Montgomery and Grimes Counties for a 60 mile ride with Jane and Kelly (who really needs to start blogging so I don't have to link to this silly and lame picture). I got to hammer some of my favorite hills, ride some nice tempo, and claw into some nice wind. By the way, this is totally an inside joke, but since Chau is currently so intoxicated with LURVE that she can't train, is the Chelly (i.e., Chau and Kelly) no more? Is it now the "Jelly" (i.e., Jane and Kelly)?

"But Greyhound," I can hear you saying, "you were getting sick. Why were you training?"

Overtraining? Not guilty. You know the rule, if your symptoms are above the neck, you are safe to train. Biking did not cause any pain, and my symptoms were above the neck . . . .

Until we were in the middle of the ride, and then I got a cough every time I stopped. So, my solution? Don't stop.

OK, so I'll have to plead nolo contendre with regard to the swim workout after the bike, but I took it easy. I promise.

And afterwards, it was pizza and beer for everyone chez greyhound. If you're in the area, you should come next time.


Bill said...

Sounds like we've got the same doctors. "You're just doing too much and need to take a break. Here's a prescription for motrin".

Beer and pizza? I'm so there! :D

21stCenturyMom said...

I lurve pizza - it is the worlds most perfect food. I would eat it 3 times a day if I could train enough to work it off but alas, I am not a stud like you.

As for the pain south of the border - pester your doc. You need an appointment.

Robyn said...

As someone who's also suffering from similar hip / muscular / connective tissue issues, albeit affecting different plumbing!, I recommend physical therapists in addition to an ortho and massage. My PT has given me effective exercises that I've done after every run and bike. Two weeks later, the pain and tightness are gone.

Lana said...

You're not just an Ironman, you're an IronDAD! How cool of you to HTFU and camp out with Superpounce.

I have no idea about your injury - but I hope it goes away soon.

Amy said...

Wow! I now truely appriciate my doc. I lurves her. She was a national calibre cross country skier so she get it. What ever it is. If you're pain is mostly on one side have you had any look at your alignment? My SI is all out of wack and that gives me issues through the hip etc. And form. Since Coach Alan has been harping at me about core and proper form things have gotten tons better in the hip/psoas area (says the girl with the ankle issue).

monica said...

awe man!!! has the hip/psoas issue turned into a groin pull??? that sucks balls (pun intended).

i hate my primary care doc. I had to explain to HER that my low resting heart rate from higher mileage running is a GOOD thing. then she asked me if i was gonna stop running after the marathon. i didn't have the heart to tell her that i'd still be running and also looking for a new primary doc...

way to suck it up for the pounce's outing!!!

Irongirl said...

How's your gluteus functioning?

Although my issue has never traveled into the groin area, our previous post sounds pretty similar to mine.
It started in the upper hamstring (AKA Ass) and traveled into the hamstring and ultimately the calf. The pain was the worst sitting for long periods. It felt like an entire leg spasm and sometimes like someone was squeezing around my hip joint as tight as they could. During running it felt like a cramp from my calf up to my lower back.
Mine turned out to be a nerve issue resulting from a fractured vertebrae 10 years ago. My spin in that area is hypermobile thereby compressing the nerve root and inhibiting my glutes.
The years of poor ass use resulting in weak glutes, tight hip flexors, and over active hamstring. Astym, stretching, and gluteus work have improved the situation immensly!
I still have bad days, but I am on a general route to pain free training.
So... short version.... check out your glut strength, your hip flexibility, and your core strength. Is you core stable when you run, bike, swim?

Allez said...

I was staring at the "neck" picture for a while trying to figure it out. Then I read the text on it. OH, THAT thing! Sorry, can't offer any suggestions :-)

Fe-lady said...

I KNOW your glutes are strong, 'cause you started ME doing lunges .... because you cannot have a better booty than a woman...even if she IS ten years older than you!
Hope you get the tightness/soreness out of the body soon.
Have you tried the pigeon pose (modified) for groin area. It is really helping me...when I decide I need to do it! Which isn't often and especially not after wine or beer...which is often lately.
Must be the needed extra calories associated with high mileage training...
(blah, blah, blah...I will shut up now!)

TriBoomer said...

Dawg... as you know I've had my issues with pieces and parts below the belt. It took a few visits to a urologist to get a proper diagnosis and course of rememdy.

Be strong... and persistent.

Stay tuned...

pinkgurugal said...

the chelly will always be the chelly... true i am on lurves hiatus, but i did manage to get a 45 minute ride in the other day...does that count?

pinkgurugal said...
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Bigun said...

c'mon greyhound...get your mojo back!

IronJenny said...

Did you really post a drawing of your scrotum???
I've been sick, too - nasty cold and obnoxious cough.

Take care of yourself.

p.s. - Mrs Greyhound and I can watch all the Jane Austens while you and Bob take the kids fishing to bring home dinnner for us. Maybe we'll even let you all cook it for us.
I am bringing my bike -a re you? We shoudl talk travel dates.

Supalinds said...

Yuck, get better!!! I'd say get back on the horse, but you never jumped off.

Pharmie said...

I agree with the PT idea. Depending on your insurance, you may not even need a referral. Most of them are more than happy to work with an athlete, and they should be able to tell you what needs work where and what you can do about it. Good luck!