Saturday, December 23, 2006

Since When did Superpounce Become Billy Joel?

Those of you who took music lessons as a kid know that the holidays mean . . . . . . . musical programs. (Right Curly-Su?) Superpounce is no exception.

She begged for over a year to be permitted to take up the flute (like mom) and be in the little band at her little school. This year, she was finally big enough to hold one, and this was her first program.
Upon hearing her solo, the granny in the audience who was unaware of how her voice carried remarked, "WOW, THAT WAS HARD!"
Then . . . there is piano. Just like the Greyhound, she has taken piano since kindergarten, and just like Greyhound, she has protested since the first grade. Six weeks ago, she was given a jazzy arrangment of "Winter Wonderland" to play on the Christmas program. During that time it was all, "I hate piano," and "This piece is too hard."
Now she plays it at the drop of a hat . . . . including three times immediately before the program and twice afterward and every time someone comes over to visit.
Emma Playing
I dare not intimate that having a miniature, female Billy Joel in residence is sometimes inconvenient.
<Emma Standing +
Go play . . . and don't forget to sing.


Curly Su said...

Pictures are adorable! And yes, I remember those holiday concerts very well...and have followed up on the tradition by forcing my flute students to do the same...

TriBoomer said...

She's beautiful! How about recording her rendition of "Winter Wonderland" and posting a link for us to hear? Not that I know how to do that, mind you, but it would be too cool.

Stay tuned...

Wendy said...

Superpounce looks lovely in her seasonal finery -- and I'm sure she sounds just great, too! (What Boomer said. Maybe you could podcast her ...)

Bolder said...

Like TriBoomer said.

That's why YouTube was created!

Stop hogging her all to yourself!!

Yeesh. It's christmas afterall. Time of giving, and ... um, oh yah... I got a cool t-shirt, and you, well... not so much...

Keep her to yourself then.

Thanks for sharing the pics and the story... and, um, switch to decaf Bold!

mishele k said...

She's so adorable! What a lucky papa greyhound you are. :)

Happy holidays!

nancytoby said...

Awww, talented and a little beauty, too!! How sweet!

IM Able said...

Yeah, Superpounce!! Tell her I said a HUGE congratulations! I'm sure she played really, really well.

My mom was a piano teacher out of our home, so for six hours, five days a week we had tickled ivories throughout our rooms. I never knew how lucky we were to have music in our lives, and how important all of those 15 years of violin lessons, scales, and (of course) school performances. But they *were* so important! Superpounce should be proud (and you guys, too!) -- she got up in front of everyone and hit it out of the park. Yeah!

Comm's said...

wow. Cherish moments like that in your heart, you will take them to your grave.