Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Say Hello To My Little Friend

My Little Friend
So, this is what happens to you when you kick a cranky Greyhound when he's sleeping on the porch because he hasn't been blogging enough. YOU become the subject of the blog post.
I confess, Nytro was right. I have not been updating my blog enough. ("Hello, Mr. Pot, I'm Mrs. Kettle, and you're black.")
But being right does not mean you will avoid a post directed almost entirely at you.
The picture set out above is one taken of me and my little friend Nytro at the SOMA triathlon in Tempe. You will recall that SOMA occurred approximately two weeks after I allegedly ruptured my disc, which coincidentally occurred while my little friend was sprinkling chicken blood over a doll bearing a remarkable resemblance to a short, skinny, balding triathlete while she stabbed said doll with sharp instruments of destruction.
Let me connect some more dots for you. My little friend is running a little race in January. In fact she is running that little race a week after I run a slightly bigger race--if by slightly bigger you mean "twice as freaking long, in fact long enough to have caused Mr. Pheidippedes to expire after announcing the Athenian victory over the Persians at Marathon."
And yet, MY LITTLE FRIEND falters. Even though I am injured and lack race-ready confidence, she has (although you can't tell by looking) shrunk from the challenge to match my sluggish marathon pace in her half-mary. She threatens to pull out the voodoo doll again, only this time it bears a striking resemblance to a pasty-white (and yet strikingly ripped) Canadian Ironman who is also running that little race.
She has her reasons, which she will undoubtedly post, but allow me a serious digression.
I intend to post later in the week about why we can't do this thing alone and the people who have given me a hand up. Nytro and Benny are two that deserve special mention as the keenest type of friends that one can make in any undertaking. They are remarkable people on their own, and their combination is much much greater than the sum of the parts. Nytro cannot fully hide their grace in the rough blog persona. They have a special union that is an example even to their elders, and the excess of their spirit flows out to their friends.
And if it were not for the friends, why do this at all? If I train to my maximum ability and never become injured again until the day I die, I will never stand upon any podium. And I can train for self-improvement and race Father Time all I want, but Father Time remains undefeated to this day. But if I do not train, if I do not compete, if I do not "strive with" my fellows in this odd hobby, I would never meet the likes of Benny and Nytro.
I would be the poorer for it. Merry Christmas, you two.


Nytro said...

wow... allow me to step away from my blog persona and tell you that the feelings are mutual. we heart the greyhound and the mrs. greyhound and the pup. very special people... you're right, triathlon has opened up the world to us and we have seen the good in it. merry christmas to you, too.

Flatman said...

awesome post...God bless us every one!!! ;)

Shelley said...

Blessings to you in 2007 and thanks for making us smile in 2006!!

TriBoomer said...

Let me chime in and say there are those of us out here in blogland that are happier to have met you, even if only electronically. Thanks for giving us a reason to log on.

Merry Christmas!

Stay tuned...

Iron Benny said...

Yes Greyhound, I agree. We have been blessed to meet the likes of you, along with others through this mutual sport. We are lucky to share this passion with people of your caliber. Thanks for the post and Merry Christmas to you too my friend.

Bolder said...

that pictures never ceases to freak me out.

what if she steps on me in Arizona or something?

*note to self*

make last will and testament.

Veeg said...

Awww! That is so sweet!

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

you make an excellent point. I hope to meet, run with, and mutually support these very nice people for the half mary myself - too bad I can't count you in that number, but hope you have a great race too.