Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Friends/Old Friends

Flute Jam (awwwww)

"Is her first name 'Curly'"?

That's what Superpounce asked soon after Curly-Su arrived at the Greyhound dog pound. That might as well have been her first name, because I nearly called her that a dozen times this weekend. She arrived soon after mid-day yesterday, and started a wonderful weekend for us all.
There's a strange thing about blogosphere. With a really wonderful blogger like Curly-Su, you get the sense that you really know them, and you do--kind of. But you also don't know them. Then, when you meet a blogger that you admire in real life, you get the IRL surprise--either wonderful or not-so-wonderful.
Well, for all of you who think that Curly-Su is a sweet and sensitive young musician, you're right--and you're not. She is also a warm, poised and impressive young woman who is thoroughly beautiful to her core and all the way from the inside out. Like all of my adotped younger sisters, I look at them and hope that Superpounce will be like that when she grows up.
Her whole stay was a delight. After overwhelming her coming in the door, the Curly-Cookies and our fajitas broke the ice. An afternoon of conversation and then we were off to the pool for a rainy swim with Mishele K:
Pool at Night
My flip turn was less than successful but Mishele gave me some tips on my swim stroke, and then, . . . . um, yeah . . . . I did get to do a little hot tubbing with the 20-something Iron Maidens.
Yep . . . . that's pretty much how I roll. Not too shabby.
Back to the dog pound and it was Chinese takeout, talking shop with Mrs. Greyhound, and white wine until the old people couldn't stand it anymore.
Curly-Su and Mrs. Greyhound
Then, up for an ez 10 with Coach T, recovery at Starbucks, then lunch back at the dogpound.
Curly-Su and Coach T
The whole pack had a brilliant time, and we love our Curly-Su even more in person than we do in cyberspace. We do hope she'll grace the dog pound with her presence once again when Triathlon One-o-One arrives in the Woodlands in November.
Greyhound, Superpounce and Curly-Su
Until then, we miss you Curly-Su . . . . .


Curly Su said...

I had an AWESOME time. Long story, but I'm actually back in Lafayette now. Austin plans got foiled. I had a wonderful time and I can't wait to see you all again at Wildflower. (Superpounce and Pauline --she needs an internet name!-- BETTER come!) Have a blast at Disneyworld and kick butt at the marathon.

TriBoomer said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all. I likes the way you roll, dog. ^5!

But sersly... now I KNOW I can't wait to meet the 'Su at Wildflower.

Stay tuned...

ironjenny said...

What. A. Blast!
And what a sweet and genuine tribute to your new friend.
Happy New Year!

Bolder said...

Celebrity Fluting!

what a thrill for the Superpounce!!

Iron Pol said...

That's Greyhound for you. He's starting to outperform Bold in the Celebrity Whatever arena.

Sounds like you all had an awesome time. Great way to close out 2006.

Flatman said...

very cool...