Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Celebrity Mystery Blogger

I am totally like the Kevin Bacon of the blogosphere, the supporting actor that is in everyone elses' movie. I've met Bolder, Kahuna, Wil, Trimama, Taconite Boy, Stu, Nytro, Benny, Commodore, Iron Pol, . . . . It's unbelievable.

But THIS may be the celebrity blogger meeting to top them all. This international, Ironman podium finisher will be in my neck of the piney woods on Friday!! Woot!!
We are making ready the guest suite chez greyhound and I cannot wait!
But you're gonna have to.
(If you already know the secret because I've told you, don't spoil it for everyone).

1 comment:

bbieberitz said...

Is it Sergio or T. D. B?