Saturday, July 29, 2006

One More Time, From The Top

It started today, the beginning of the new season. This year it started correctly, long and sloooooooooooooow, healed up from last year's efforts and a proper beginning to "Base 1," three weeks of long, aerobic efforts to build a foundation. Today was running with my heartrate in Zone 2 - 3 for 9 miles until the heartrate would not stay down any longer. Tomorrow it is two hours on the trainer at that low heartrate then a pool workout with the tri-club.

This is going to be a great year. In a little over a month, my friends that I have never met will meet their Ironman destiny in Wisconsin. I have watched the training (online) and I get to be there to shout myself hoarse and share the joy.

Coach T has been admitted to her graduate program, and her changed circumstance means she is going to run. She's going to run FAST because that is her gift. She will run the Houston half-marathon in January and I predict she will be one of (if not THE) first non-pro female finisher. I get to watch the training, and I get to shout myself hoarse and share the joy.

Oh, and me. This year is no longer about surviving and wondering whether I am a triathlete. This year is about potential. How light, fast, lean and powerful can I make this 5'4" frame? How much heart is in there? It's not yet time for full iron. I don't have "buy in" from Mrs. Greyhound or my puppy daddy self. But this year will have masters swim classes, strength training from a coach trained in the Eastern Block, a marathon, century rides, and half-irons.

Most importantly, it will have old friends and new friends, for whom I have a humble suggestion. Long about September 23 of next year, there is a triathlon festival in Vegas. It has the sprint. It has the Olympic distance. It has the half-iron. Something for everyone. Moreover, nearly everyone can get to Vegas without undue expense. Even non-triathlon spouses like Vegas. Sounds like the perfect place for a TBC convocation. What do you say?

Come along. Shout yourself hoarse. Share the joy.


Nytro said...

you bring up and interesting option... however may i point out one teeny-tiny problem with your suggestion?

it's vegas. it's nytro. it's nytro IN Vegas. this is a deadly combination. how in the hell am i supposed to race a triathlon while i'm in vegas? there are things to do (drink, gamble, stay up all night... just to name a few), and i won't even start on all the freaky things to see there.

no, in order for me to do what i need to do in a race, we need to be in a safe environment where nytro won't get herself into too much trouble... like maybe siberia.

Iron Benny said...

Don't worry Greyhound, I'll keep a tight leash on Nytro if we go to Vegas. She must have close supervision. But that's what I'm for. I like the idea. It would be pretty cheap for us because we can drive. That could be my late season half instead of SOMA.

TriBoomer said...


I think that's a great idea! What distance looks good to you?

Stay tuned...

Chris said...

Could be tricky if I did Wisconsin again next year, but I'd go to cheer! I'll use whatever reason I can to go to Vegas! :)

Nytro said...

benny just said that because i told him i'd go to the strip clubs with him. he was on the fence before that. believe it.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

I'm committed. Or perhaps I should SOMA. Otherwise Vegas would be great baby! Dang - you get all the good ones!

Bolder said...

Vegas? I've never been to that Sin City.

A little triathlon.

I see no downside.