Sunday, July 02, 2006

Triathlete Stud Part Deux

Peoples, my fine peoples. (Oh, wait, I am not going to channel Bolder from Boulder. Benny would understand. He's got a huge heart. But Nytro scares me.)

Popular demand (and my paralyzing need for female approval) has dictated that photos from the Ironman 70.3--Buffalo Springs Lake adventure be shared. Ladies, I am taken, so you will have to restrict your admiring sentiments to these photographs. Yet, I am willing to bear up under commentary that would make a lesser man feel like a piece of triathlete beefcake meat.

No need to thank me. I'm just here to . . . well you know the rest.

This is the swim start. I'm in the white cap. Did you see me? This is the only picture taken of me exiting the water. I'm the hobbit in the white cap behind the cave troll in the foreground. Nevertheless, it is proof positive that I did in fact complete the swim. (Note the physically challenged athlete to the left of the picture that I mentioned in my race reports. Those guys were everywhere and they were totally inspiring.)

Here is Greyhound and Carmen Tequilo climbing out of the transition area, and here is a shot in the aero bars. Here is the run out (gee it looks hot), and here is the return to the park late in the half-marathon (it is hot). HERE IS THE FINISH! WOO HOO! Finally, a picture of me with my lovely parting gifts--the finisher's medal made from some unknown precious metal.

I mentioned some of my team mates and companions in the race reports, so here is M&M on the bike and running through the finish. She will do Ironman Western Australia this year and is probably most responsible for giving me the confidence that I could do this distance. Finally, Robo-Christy at the swim exit (note the smile), on the bike (note the high wattage smile notwithstanding the 7.5% grade) and Robo-Christy on the run (she's still smiling). If you search her photos, you will note that she is also smiling at the finish, and had her medallion photo taken (while smiling) with a lady she undoubtedly chatted up (while running 8:09 pace) on the run course. At least we know of one triathlete wearing the USA gear that is guaranteed to be smiling at the ITU Long Course World Championships.

Finally, Natascha Badmann who finished a leeeeetle bit before I did, and Luke Bell who finished in under four hours. Only a little faster and we could have performed experiments in relativity or time travel or something.

Seriously, the experience has become more and more fun as it gets further in my rear view mirror. I can't wait to get back to training after a little rest and recreation.


Shelley said...

Darn that Natasha..some nerve beating you..LOL ...Congrats

Wil said...

Wow, your pics are totally hot, NICE job. And Robo-Christy is a stud too, holy cow. Her bike seat looks kind of crazy low though, maybe it's just the angle. Obviously it didn't affect her! And is it me, or does Luke Bell look like he's sitting on something he's not supposed to be sitting on??? Holy crap, I don't know how they ride like that!
Congrats again my friend!

Bolder said...

not sure how you managed to squeak in your 'A' race without my knowledge... somehow, bloglines has seriously failed me...

missed the drama, missed the party, missed the whole miss.

congrats on a gritty performance... and a strong finish! because finishing is a wonderful goal, but more important to me is that you represented, and toe'd the line.

well done. well done.

Jessi said...

Yikes, in that pic of the swim exit at first I thought you were the guy in the green cap...

Thanks for the pics! I guess my directions to post into the text weren't very clear? Sorry!

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

wow - you look great!

I've got some pitchers too - I need to post them. Except I look kind of retarded in mine - I run like a girl...But you look, well, rather studly I must say!

Going to SOMA?

21st Century Mom said...

You all look hot - hot, hot, hot!

Way to go!

Veeg said...

G-dawg you are g-money! :) You are far too modest -- you look downright FIERCE in your photos. Especially on the run!

Anonymous said...

I finally made it to your site. I love it. Your pics are great! It was wonderful to meet you and keep me up to date on what you are up to!


Iron Pol said...

I just wonder how it is that ASIO almost always manages to get finish line shots WITHOUT the time clock showing.

There were some good shots, though. Of course, over three events and 70.3 miles, they have lots of opportunities.

Nytro said...

as well you should be scared, greyhound. as well. you. should.

by the way, you know you could squash me with your thumb, right? i may be taller than you, but muscle tone? not. so. much. well done, mr. greyhound!