Saturday, July 08, 2006

Greyhound Gets High

Duuuuuuuuuuude. This is, like, totally awesome. Sersly.

No, don't fret, Wil. It's not that kind of high. It's not that kind of high. It's the 9000+ feet above sea level kind of high.


I made my escape yesterday from the HELL that is Houston in July for some time away with the family and invited friends in Colorado while the housesitter watches our palacial suburban McEstate and the actual canines left behind. It was in the 40s this morning in Breckenridge. In dog temps, that is totally bliss me out cool. Mrs. Greyhound and the puppy are here for the whole month, me somewhat less, because someone has to pay for this junket.

And today I kick off the grand adventure with a mini celebrity ride of sorts. Later today, I mount Jessie "Go Jessie" Cannondale, my faithful roadie steed, and make my way down from Breck, hang a left at Frisco and climb part way up Vail Pass to cheer for the participants in the Triple Bypass. In particular, I will be meeting up with Bold. I will be his SLP domestique to the top of the pass. Actually, I'll probably be the pathetic lantern rouge because there is NO OXYGEN up here. Hopefully the six party talks between Boulderites and Ogdenites will proceed some time later in the summer.

I have a new digital snapshot camera and have absolutely no idea what I'm doing to get some pics on the blog, so with any luck I'll learn something and have some pics later.


21st Century Mom said... air. Even minus the O2 that has to be refreshing.

Cheers to you and Bold. Sounds like a good time.

For the pics try getting a free photobucket account and uploading there. It's easier that way. You load the pics to photobucket then it tells you the URL and then you use blogger to point to them. Not too hard.

Habeela said...

40s? I'm blue with envy.

If you want a huge photo dump to choose from, I recommend getting a Flickr account and then cutting and pasting the URLs into Blogger. If you need more help just shout. We're here to help. :)

TriBoomer said...

Waaaay cool. As is neat-o cool not temp cool err.. umm... anyway you know what I mean.

Can't wait to see the pics. Give me a shout and I'll show you how to post 'em.

Stay tuned...

Bolder said...

dude, sorry it didn't work out.

weather's gonna turn for us though!

Veeg said...

Dude. So jealous! Breck is one of my favorite places in whooooole world. I will be there at the end of the month. :)

BTW, where you flyin' into for IMMoo volunteering? If it's Milw., let me know! It would cause great sadnesses if you were so close to me and I did not get to buy you the recovery drink of your choice!