Monday, July 10, 2006

Greyhounds At Play

Weather much improved. This is the view from the hot spot where I blog, er, I mean work.

Mrs. Greyhound keeps an eye on the puppy at the World's gnarliest skate park in Edwards, Colorado.

Sk8r Gurl busts a move. Note the pink helmet with stickers applied to cover Barbie logos, which are so yesterday.

Sk8r Gurl takes a break. (She looks just like me, only she's really cute.)


Veeg said...

The MadonnaDome!

You are making me very antsy for my vacation, GDawg. ;P

Flatman said...

Sweet.... Did you pull any nasty japan airs, dude?

Habeela said...

Pictures! YAY!

Iron Pol said...

(The following must be read using the appropriate surfer/skater accent. There's only so much writing can convey.)

Dude, like not only are Barbie logos totally yesterday, your gnarly daughter shows her total connection with all things skater when she uses those stickers. While a brain bucket protects our fragile noggin when we mash it while catching monster air, style still counts.

Surely, this lesson was aptly learned during your most excellent adventure with the Kahuna family (sorry, channelling Bill and Ted).

(Iron Pol reverts to normal self) It's good to see your family had a good vacation. We have a few years until such trips have real value (once Baby and Toddler Pol are age appropriate, we'll head to Gramma and Papa's house for Disney World trips).