Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Train de Pain

Eeeez Wendesday, so eez day for st-r-r-r-r-rength training mit Miki.

"You know, my shoulder was kind of achy this morning in my swim workout. Way down inside, it feels kinda sore and stiff."

"Oh, we be car-r-r-r-reful, den."

"So do you think I should skip the workout?"

"No. No skip. In Amer-r-r-r-eekah, dee bourgeois gym r-r-r-rats, day no t-r-r-rain when eez leeetle bit uncomforTAHbull. But in Soviet R-r-r-russia, vee must to train de pain away."


"Sooooo, how exactly do we do that?"

"Today, dair eeez no pr-r-r-ressing ovah head. No heavy bench pr-r-r-r-esss. Vee use body weight. Vee vork mit rubber bands. Vee vork Swiss ball and planking. Vee vork core bahdee shtr-r-r-rength. Vee vork shoulder shtabileetee. Vee make shoulder varm, und stable, und flexible, und shtr-r-r-r-rong."

"You don't think maybe a rest would be a good idea?"

"Nyet. How you get better if you no vork?"

"But I--"

"Nyet. No rest. Vee vork. Den Vee shtr-r-r-r-retch you goot."

Apparently, inactivity is the opiate of the masses. Soviet shoulder feel better.


Fe-lady said...

It's only the endorphins! Take care of that shoulder! (Have you tried Kinesio taping it?)

Greyt Times said...

Bwahahahaha! Love this guy.

CoachLiz said...

Hey, I don't have an inner voice to tell me to lay off for a day. I have a doctor. Seems that fall off my bike at Buffalo Springs was more than a doozie than I thought. I had jammed facettes in my neck and I woke up this morning and could not turn my head left or bend it sideways to the left.

I had been noticing numbness in my arms and hands when I would go running, but yeserday's track workout left me with the neck problems and issues in my lower right leg.

Needless to say, on my day off from work to train, I am also taking a day off from training. I got the o.k. for the ride this weekend in Galveston. That is a plus.