Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In Which The Swim Gods Hate Me

OK, so day two of attempted swim smack down? Not so much.

Yesterday: got up but was greeted with an unexpected rest day on Training Peaks.


Got up at 0400: Check.

Swim workout in hand: Check.

Psyched myself up for 2800m of short, hard, smack down intervals that would be hard to maintain: Check.

Business attire packed: Check.

Swim equipment packed: Check.

Breakfast: Check.

Out the door at 0445: Check.

But why are all those people standing around outside L.A. FATness? Why are we not going inside?

Prolly 'cause the employee who has to hold down two jobs to make ends meet did not (perhaps could not) get up at 0400 to get the club opened on time.

SON OF A . . .

If I don't work out soon, my head's going to explode.


Unknown said...

It is a sad thing when you get to the pool and can't swim.

Kim said...

4am? 4am?

you are out of your GD mind!!

poop, that stinks for you grey - hang in there.

Fe-lady said...

please get whomever is SUPPOSED to be there, fired!
(We have had the same problem...young kids who lifeguard and can't get to work on time...BYE BYE!)