Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tale of the Tape

For lunch, I ate a potato bigger than my head smothered in ham, turkey, bacon, cheese, butter, chives and sour cream.

I started drinking beer at 4:oo--having waited a whole hour and a half.

Beer and birthday cake.

I'm wearing a bad Hawaiian Shirt, baggy khaki shorts and baggy boxers.

Did I mention they were baggy, even roomy or airy?

Very unlike my garb this morning.

72 miles of cycling in the liquid air on the coast: four hours, 18 mph average, balls hot, average heart rate of 148, intervals above 20 mph.

Did I mention "balls hot?"


Baggy? Roomy?

Yeah. Ow.

A perfect end to a week with twelve and a half hours of training.

Three swims totalling 7000 meters.

Three runs and a brick including a 10.4 mile run with a heroic negative split.

Six hours on the bike.

I am so not ready for Ironman yet. Not even a pedestrian "just finish" effort.

But I think I can see it from here. Bring it on Coach Kris.


Fe-lady said...

I started my beer drinking at 3:30 while cooking a steak-
I was hot on the ride-you got in 9 more than we did in the same ride must have been WAY hilly-er! Yeah, that's it.
14:40 for me. But I am older and slower (except maybe in the H2O).

But you got in some better runs.
Go celebrate with another beer....! :-)

Solid week-feels great hmmm?

CoachLiz said...

I guess I forgot to make the mental note that the potato you had for lunch was really bigger than your head. No doubt, it was BIG.

After cleaning up my bike I jumped in a cold shower and it felt really good. I did not want to get out.

No beer here. I did french fries.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I had trouble reading past the description of the potato!

Kim said...

ummm crap - i have been drinking and eating all weekend long with a pitiful 2 hour trainer ride and a 1:15 run today. i am NOT ready for IMCOZ but you are totally rocking it!

21stCenturyMom said...

You have GOT to be kidding me about not being ready. You have been training for months! You have put in a zillion miles and hours and yards. You could do this race tomorrow and be fine. Really. The rest is icing. The rest is endurance building. The rest is the cherry on top of a very fit, well trained athlete.

Just sayin'