Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blogger Down: TOP SECRET

As you probably know by now, our AJ (aka Little Miss Runner Pants) had a terrible cycling accident this past Saturday. She's healing well, but has a lot of recovering to do. This e-mail is to organize some help for her, principally in the form of care for her dog and light, household tasks. THIS IS A SECRET so don’t spill the beans. (I have it on good authority that she does not read my blog).

Her biggest concern right now is to make sure her dog, Asher, is getting enough exercise. Her face and jaw are in the early healing stages, and she has been advised to stay completely out of the sun so that the scar tissue doesn't get discolored. She's also still on some heavy meds, so should not be walking a HUGE dog around. While her local friends have been getting out to her place to walk Asher 2-3 times a day, it's not easy for many to do that during the week.

Coach Tammy in Austin is in contact with a dog walking service that will be able to take Asher to the dog park and supplement what AJ’s local friends are able to do.

It would also be nice to have a professional house cleaner go to AJ’s place and make it squeaky clean, especially since so many people are coming and going. If nothing else, it is doubtful she'll feel up to cleaning for a while, so this would take that off her mind.

Tammy is going ahead to arrange these services on faith that many people will respond. If you can send $5-15 or whatever is within your means, please do so we can help AJ get through this horrible incident. Tammy will buy a card and put everyone's name on it. Send checks payable to:

Tammy Metzger
PO Box 7463
Austin, TX 78713

Keep AJ in your thoughts and prayers. She's healing great, but concerned about how she will look and how well she will heal. It's too early to tell her it's going to all be alright... but it will.

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