Monday, February 02, 2009


What? Was there a sporting event of some kind yesterday?

Oh, that.

The end of the football season with some kind of contest with a ball. Yeah. I remember. I think I saw some of that.

But when you live in a house with two girls, neither of whom are football fans, sitting alone in your living room with your light beer and teams you don't follow in a sport you generally don't watch loses some of its allure. Great game, sure. But for tri-geek-hound, this weekend was the beginning of preseason, not the end of football season.

Ironman Cozumel is now 299 days away. And this time it's going to be different.

This time, I want more than just to survive the distance. I want to race, if only myself. I want to be in the fat part of the bell curve, not a tail end Charlie. And I want to maximize my potential in all three disciplines, swim, bike and run.

So, I've gone and hired me a coach and volunteered to be the lab rabbit on the Tac Boy and Bigun Podcast. And already its changed things. Why? Well I'm glad you asked.

Things have changed because I hired Kris Swarthout of SCS Multisport, which you can find at (You can find a link to his website and for his e-mail in the sidebar)

And let me tell you, Coach Kris at is a freakin' genius. My workouts started on February 1, and just look how Coach Kris from was able to improve my swimming with just one swim workout.

Here is actual video of me at the natatorium before being coached by Coach Kris from SCSMULTISPORT.COM:

Greyhound Before

And here is video taken this morning after completing just one, remarkable swim set from . . . .

(wait for it)


(subtle, non?)

Greyhound After

I mean, just look at me go! I totally rock now, thanks to Coach Kris at He has guaranteed that I will PR my Ironman, and shoot, I'll probably qualify for Kona on minimal training.

'Cause I totally rock now that I have a coach.

OK, so actually, most of that is not true.

I have to train.

And actually, I still only rock when compared to the long-trunk-wearing-one-length-at-a-time-wildly-kicking-morbidly-obese-New-Year's-resolutionists who are currently visiting the pool for the first time.

But I have hired Coach Kris, and I do think he rocks. This is the first triathlon coach I've ever had, and even in two workouts, I've already noticed a difference. The difference is significant enough that I'd already recommend a coach to anyone doing an Ironman. I'm no longer working out in a vacuum. I feel more accountable for hitting my marks and doing my sets. The details are important, and good enough isn't good enough.

With Ironman as with many other things, the devil is in the details. You don't get to the start line of an Ironman by making a resolution or a leap of faith, but in the daily grind, one stroke at a time. I'm glad to have someone else planning those strokes and holding me accountable.


Greyt Times said...

LOL - love those before and after videos of you. Especially the improvement in your choice of swim attire. :)

299 and counting to IMCOZ! Woohoo!

Kim said...

hahahaaaa you are the most improved swimmer of the year! why you wearing a wetsuit in the pool?! ;) i look forward to hearing all about your training with Kris - hopefully you are having a much better experience than i am!

Benson said...

wow, you look mahvelous. you really do.

Kris has coached me through 2 Ironmans. He rocks.
You will rock.

SixTwoThree said...

There's a present for you on my blog!

Lana said...

You make me want to sign up for another'n!