Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Bro Code

I went running with one of my bros this morning.

Actually, I went running with my only bro. Not a bro in the Barney-Stinson-Suit-Up-slam-two-red-bulls-and-let's-play-laser-tag-this-is-going-to-be-legendary kind of way. But in the biological sort of way.

Yes, it is true. Trigreyhound is not a genetic anomaly, a lone visitor from another planet. There is another who comes from the same shallow and slow end of the genetic pool as I do. I have a brother who shares both parents with me. This only goes to prove that human beings are capable of asexual reproduction because my parents certainly never got jiggy with it--especially not twice.

Anyway, if all works out in bro's career path, he will be moving to H-Town in the coming months to take a huge promotion that will assure his financial security well into the future. He is already working here regularly, while his family is still in the DFW Metroplex.

Bro has been competing in a "biggest loser" competition at work, so, being the kind an helpful person that I am, I offered to show him the near-town running trail along the bayou this morning.

**Dr. Evil Laugh Here**

Did I mention that bro used to be the "athletic one" in school, the one with all the social graces, the winning smile, the blond hair, and the girls? Not the solitary band geek? And that he has since become less athletic? Much less? That he hasn't done so much as a road race in years?

**More Evil Laughter**

So, yeah, a lesser man would have taken him out in the dark, put the hurt on him, and dropped him like third period French class.

But I am not a lesser man. At least not that lesser. This was the first time we had run together since we were children. (I don't count the Dallas Half, my first road race years ago, because we were not in any sense "together." He and his friends finished way before me.) The Bro Code says you never leave a fallen comrade behind. You don't drop a bro.

So I didn't. And we ran together for the first time since the Carter Administration in the dark of the morning, with a city around us stirring itself from sleep.

And it was good.


Triteacher said...

But you know you can legally get away with that meanie business with siblings... (Just in case your nice guy suit of armor ever rubs off.)

Glad you & the bro bonded.

Kim said...

pictures please! :) isn't it funny how things change as we get older? my brother and i lead totally different lives; unexpected from what we thought growing up! hope you had a great run with the bro!

Captain Cactus said...

Speaking of the bro code, Barney (ostensibly) released the Bro Code in print just before Christmas. Very funny half hour read. But in case anyone of the fairer sex asks - the bro code doesn't really exist (wink!).

Amy said...

Wait, so if "it" doesn't exist why is "it" in my office along with Don Cherry's book? Oh right because YOUR MOTHER (oh the irony) also bought you the books for Christmas and so I have to return the ones I bough or at least find them a new home... anyone? two books? one by a man in an awesome suit and one by a man in a... well... awesome (in its own way) suit?

CoachLiz said...

There has to be a bro/sis code out there because my step bro was nice enough not to drop me on the runs he took me out on up in the Seattle area. All I'm going to say is HILLY!!!