Friday, February 13, 2009

Celestial Navigation

Superpounce and I went for a run the other night.

I have started doing some of my secondary running workouts from home in the evening. Every once in a while, she joins me on my warm up, jogging around the block with me before she returns to the house and I go out to do my thing.

This night, she was more enthusiastic than usual. Sometimes, I confess, persuasion to run may have felt like nagging, though I know if I nag, she will never discover her own love for running or exercise. But this night, I just asked and she immediately said yes and added, "Don't leave, DON'T LEAVE. I have to get my running shoes on."

Just after we began to run, she spilled the beans on her big piece of news, one which she obviously knew I would approve of.

"Dad! Guess what!"


"I'm going to be in athletics at school!"

In her school, "Athletics" is the physical education prerequisite to school sports participation, and it involves actual conditioning and working out, in contrast to the rather silly games in regular P.E. that she disparaged in describing the two programs.

I tried not to bust my buttons while showing enthusiastic approval.

She went back to the house while I took the path less traveled by--30 more minutes around the neighborhood, into the new streets and dirt roads that have yet to be developed, while the gathering twilight became a blanket of warm evening. I almost became lost while turning over her conversation in my head--dreams of a small, skinny child to play basketball or volleyball or run track. While I had a Garmin on my wrist, I thought I might have to navigate by the stars just to make it home.

Considering it further, I concluded that starlight is best. I knew of no better navigating method for my child than looking to the stars.


Kim said...

fantastic grey - superpounce is following in her amazing dad's footsteps!

Danielle in Iowa said...

That's great! And I am pretty impressed they actually have separate PE classes for things like that! Things have changed since I was in school...

(and not to unload my personal baggage on your comment section, but my father was a pretty obsessive runner and very much the nagger about such things and so instead of my running, etc being something I share with him, it is something I do in spite of him, so I really do commend you for your approach!)

Richard said...

Sounds wonderful! I went from a very athletic kid to someone who never found a fit in school programs, to an overweight couch-potato by the time I was 18 (a phase which lasted until about 2001, I have to admit). Getting in early? Priceless!

stronger said...


Curly Su said...

god she's growing up - her picture makes her look like she's a freaking teenager. She's gorgeous.

CoachLiz said...

That is super! I hope Mrs. Grey is feeling better. I was kinda bummed out that we did not get to workout together today.

Brent Buckner said...

Hey, that's a whole *bucket* of AwesomeSauce!