Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm Calling You Out

There's a certain person who fancies herself to be a writer of things comical, acerbic and snarky. And yet, she has so far not condescended to participate in the Triblogger Poetry Extravaganza--yea, even in the Limerick category. This extravaganza would be incomplete without a limerick from her.

Well, if she's waiting for an engraved invitation, she can consider this . . . er,. . . that.

An Athena mojito imbiber,
Eats chocolate of darkest Godiva--
She used to have game,
but now she's quite tame.
(This poet won't likely survive her.)

And another Utahian, . . . er, . . .Utanian . . . Utatian . . . ?? is also master of all things snarky, yet has not given us her entry.


Well, here's all I've got to say about that:

There once was an athlete from Utah
Who typically pee’d with her suit on
But try as she might
She can’t pee the bike
With spandex, she can’t get her groove on.

I'm calling you out, chicas. Sack up and bring some Limericks. Balls out . . . so to speak.


Amy said...

You have some freaky hidden talents! Who'd have known you can write limericks?

Supalinds said... you didn't. IT IS SO ONETH. You better be careful messing with us Utah girls...we don't play nice.

The waters of Couer D' Alene will be freezing
I am afraid my lungs will be wheezing
If I can beat Greyound out of the water
my toes will that much hotter
You better watch out for I am not teasing

Fe-lady said...

Altho I was not "called out", or even "called upon"-

The eldest of 4 midwestern lasses
Decided to be NOT like the masses
So she started to bike,
Swim, run, and the like.
And now she kicks everyone's asses!

There once was a lawyer from Texas
Why he lives there, continues to perplex us
He started a blog
His "handle"'s a dog
Some think he'd be driving a Lexus

There was young gent called the "Bigun"
We swam with little more than a fig on
His wife likes his "thong"
Now don't get me wrong
He only wears it with his wig on.

There's a lady named "Nytro" from Ogden
One day she started a bloggin'
She loves comments from pals,
lurkers, strangers and gals,
Cause she uses her body AND noggin'

See what dehydration can do to one's brain?

Nytro said...

why do you do this to yourself? do you not know what happened to your neck the last time you messed with me.

tri-mama said...

The ice on the lake won't deter me
of this thing I can assure thee
though icebergs abound
and waves will resound
I'll float in a warm neoprene sea

tri-mama said...

And now my bongo drums please (as I don my black beret)

arms thrashing, waves crashing
legs spinning, sweat winning
Legs be strong, crowd's a throng