Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Blogger Poetry Contest--Haiku

OK, so you know I run a classy joint. This blog is primarily literary. Consistent with my literati tendencies, a haiku came to me this morning as I was cooling down, riding my bike around Memorial Park here in H-Town and admiring the scenery. Then I had the idea that there were probably a lot of closet poets out there. So, I am initiating the First Annual Trigreyhound Triblogger Poetry Extravaganza. It's sort of the opposite of baptism, really. Rather than setting aside the ordinary for a sacred purpose, we'll be setting aside a vaunted medium of poetry for a comparatively trivial purpose--writing funny or personal things about triathlon, training, or our home towns and families.

Here is how it works. There will be massively worthless greyhound schwag for the best triathlon/home town related poem in each of five categories: haiku, limerick, sonnet, homage to Emily Dickinson or Robert Frost, and free verse. Each category will start with an example by me, and you can enter your own verse in the comments. (Also, if you put it out there on your own blog and link back to here, we might generate some momentum and get some really entertaining entries). I'll leave the contest open long enough to get a number of entrants in each category.

OK, today is haiku. And to give you the idea that we're not talking about earth shattering depth, here is my entrant, a haiku, which came to me this morning, entitled:

Memorial Park


Tanned skin, bare midriffs,
spaghetti straps, booty shorts--
Spring time in Houston

Ahhhhhhhh. Does that not just warm the heart? Such as this is what separates us from the mere beasts.

Give me your best tri-related haiku in the comments, and put it out there on your blog as well.


Amy said...

Mine is entitled Om in Vancouver

Yoga mats and sweats
Finding balance is not cheap
Lululemon souls

OK not so much tri inspired as just general Vancouver inspired. And yes I do realize that there is some irony in this as I am wearing my Lululemon hoodie as I write this. And MAN! can those pants do wonders for your butt! I have be come one of them.

:) said...

Greyhound, your little poem has brought tears to mine eyes... *sniff*

Jane said...

I call this Wetsuit

Lovely neoprene
So black, so sleek. But on me -
I am a sausage.

Jane said...

Another one:

Aid Station

Far away beacon
Every step brings me closer
Gatorade and Gu

Bigun said...

I like to call this one, "not enough port-o-potties"

Relief, warmth
keeps the sharks away
peeing in my wetsuit

Fe-lady said...

Can't swim, pool is closed
stupid civil engineers
kids could do your job!

seventeen hours
this ironman training stuff
is getting old fast

I wake up at five
without alarm clock buzzers
Who the hell am I?

That's all I got for now...(I may need another glass of wine to get more creative...)

Captain Cactus said...

The Pants and I tried this a few weeks ago while we suffered through hard week ... here are our results ...

CoachLiz said...


My view ahead is
a toned male bumm in spandex.
This is why I draft.

Robyn said...

Two days away from a rest week, in the middle of a big build block.

Ode to Recovery Spin

Spin, spin, spin: I ride,
Leaving behind heavy legs
and finding my kick!

Cass said...

Pretty blue swim cap
Forgot latex allergies
Read and itchy head...

SingletrackJenny (formerly known as IronJenny) said...

Rise at five to run
Swimming by eight thirty-five
Social "dud" by nine.

Fe-lady said...

A fine distraction
writing silly Haiku poems
I should be training

Bike stem in my wash?
Hammer gel on my cell phone
Crazy triathlete

Missed a key workout
Will it make a difference
When the gun goes off?

Two types of athletes
Those who wish & those who do
Are you one, or both?

My patience is thin
Directly proportional to
How much sleep I got

You train for 20?
You work sixty hours a week?
You don't sleep at all!

Remember to talk
say "thank you" and "I love you"
To those who support

There...you've got them all now.
There may be more deep in the brain folds of this
old mind...somewhere.