Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Soooo Smooooothe

NOTE: In order to properly have the full sensual experience intended by the author, you must hit play on the video included herein:

Music Videos by VideoCure

Gentle reader, beware. If you have a mild constitution, this post may be way too hawt for you. It involves raw sensuality and sex appeal the like of which is rarely experienced, even on the internet.

If you hit play, as requested, you are already experiencing the hot, Latin rhythms that are Caremen Tequilo, my heart, my one an only, my bicycle. Well, it is almost time for the first big dance of the season, so my baby needed to get all dolled up. I took her to the bicycle equivalent of Nordstroms and a spa for the ladies who lunch. She was cleaned, washed, given a new cassette to enhance her climbing prowess, and most importantly, I bought her the tri-bike equivalent of a little black dress, thong, and FMPs.

Are you sure you can handle this?

You have been warned.

Wait for it.

Behold. And try to restrain your lust.


Yes, my baby has some Zipp 404s--speed weaponry. Carmen Tequilo is ready for Wildflower.


Hopefully her meager, anglo Studlito will be able to "perform" when the time comes.


21stCenturyMom said...

You and that bike are quite the pair, Greyhound. Have a great race at Wildflower. I'll be thinking of you knowing that you are not the same man I met at Wildflower last year, standing on the ramp in his too big wetsuit looking like he wanted to curl up and cry. You're triStud now, baby! Game on!

Fe-lady said...

Best of luck! I never got to meet you last year...but it sounds as if you are a whole different animal anyway~!
Tear up the course!

TWRunner said...

The Zipp 404s look great. Be gentle with Carmen as she might not be used to such speed weaponry.

Best of luck at Wildflower.

Di said...

Greyhound, thank you for the minutes of heaviy breathing. It was a nice reprieve from my work day....ohhh sooo hawt. Wait, did you say HER? Oh. Well. Still. Just don't tell Bigun.

Supalinds said...

I'm not talking to you today. H-Town can kiss my ass and so can your Zipp's for that matter (no I'm not jealous at all).

H-town had a few extra players out on the court last night, suspicioiusly dressed in white and black. It did not matter if the Almighty Jazz couldn't hit a shot to save their lives.

Hmmmppfff. Hope those Zipp's slow your ass down.

Bigun said...

dang...supa whit the smackage! Grey - make that bike course your Bitch!

Spokane Al said...

There is nothing subtle about those new wheels! And your cassette absolutely shines!

It looks like you are ready for launch.

SWTrigal said...

I'm soooo jealous! I want some!!
Very cool.

Bolder said...

too bad.

this year Wildflower won't be able to have her way with you, and Carmen...

you'll still have sexy wheels though!

Jane said...

Sweet and sexy wheels! It's about time you bought Carmen a new outfit.

FunFitandHappy said...


Of course now you're expected to pressure :)

Tea said...

MAN! Put a rating system on this site!

(and ditto on the PR thing)

Lisa said...

Beautiful wheels and great race too!!