Sunday, April 06, 2008

Battery Level Warning!!!

Not working, brain . . . scrambled.

Sleep. Need.

And Food.

Train train train. All the times. Training

9.5 hours last to days.

er, too days.

damn. Two days.

In the week? 19.



Tired? Thank you Mr. Understatement.

Work work work. All the times. When not training.

In the week?



Two briefs due Tuesday.

Not sleeping.

Elevated. Heart rate is.

Thumping in my ears. Body still. Heart not.

Mush legs

Hips stiff. Sore, back is.

Complaining shoulders.

Short term memory? Forgot.

Long term . . . long . . . what . . . were we talking about?

Tomorrow? No train.

This week? Recover.

I hope.


SWTrigal said...

I so feel your pain!

21stCenturyMom said...

geez - I'm supposed to go for a bike ride but now I need nap - thanks... thanks a lot! (for the cheap excuse - hee).

Bigun said...


monica said...

you shoulda had a v8...

Rainmaker said...


TriSaraTops said...

Oh know!!

Man, I can sort of relate a little bit...except for the Ironman training thing and WORKING 50 HOURS. Yeah, no. No, I can't even IMAGINE.

Hang in there, buddy!

Tri to Be Funny said...

Ahh...the beauty of Ironman training....

CoachLiz said...

Can you hack it for the next 7 weeks before the taper?

Hang it there!

Fe-lady said...

Me LUVS recup weeks! Enjoy yours! (You will wonder how to fill all that "extra" time! Maybe not...catch up on your sleep!)

Supalinds said... are too damn funny. You officially crack me up.

19 ours. Hours. BWAAAAHHH. Lurve it.

50 hours + 19 = insane. Did you even sleep this week?

MisheleK said...

Oh. Holy. Crap. That's so adorable I might wet my pants.