Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I Am Mark Verstegen's B*tch

So, you're an Ironman, huh?

Well, apparently not so much. At least not all of you. That was like 2 weeks ago. Today, I feel like I've kicked my own ass.

Now, I swear on a stack of bibles that I haven't recommenced triathlon training like the Type A moron that I can be. I am REALLY taking an authentic offseason. I have, however, begun some prep and strength work "for fun."

Yeah, fun. Then why does my ass hurt so much?

Late in the day at Ironman Wisconsin, it was an effort to keep my posture and form, and I really felt the fatigue in the core muscles on the run. So, in the off season, I resolved to rock up my core by working through the "Core Performance" routines. Well, rocks must be at some point in the future, because right now it's more like wobbly, painful jello, especially on some of those one legged thingies. OY! And all the lunging! Meshugas!

After a good strength and physioball session on Monday, I got out of bed on Tuesday morning to go burn up some hills with Coach T, and it was total Booty Lock. Apparently, my ass is part of my core, because the gluteals were definitely en fuego. Who knew? I may or may not get any faster doing this, but by next summer, I'll have the best 41-year-old booty on the planet.

Sorry, ladies. There will be no "before" and "after" pics . . . .

. . . . unless you flatter me . . . of course.

Oh, and watch this space. Very soon, possibly this weekend, there will be a HUGE announcement from team Greyhound. But you'll have to wait for that.


Allez said...

Lunges make me sore for DAYS. I used to do them 3x a week till my ass outgrew my jeans. Not a good thing.

Fe-lady said...

I THINK I know what your announcement is....don't I?
(Maybe I am WAY off...)

Need to do lunges...what did you have to remind me of this! damn.

21stCenturyMom said...

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. So post some before and after pics (in your tri shorts, of course!). It will make you a better man.

Oh wait - that isn't flattery. hmmm... I know what technique I need to work on.

Rural Girl said...

You are so wonderful and talented. You work so hard and the results will show. Flattery, can't you tell?

Now, bring on the before and after pics, damnit!

Wendy said...

Is there a particular form of flattery you'd prefer? (Oh, please, please, please don't say imitation!!!)

Baun said...

Michael Scott asked me to leave the following comment:

>> Yeah, fun. Then why does my ass hurt so much?

That's what she said!

Dying Water Buffalo said...

What, no before and after pics? Booo....

Jane said...

Superpounce could probably ride my bike. We put it next to the kids bikes and it blended right it. Someone in the shop thought some crazy parent bought it for their very spoiled kid. There is a kid's tri in Sugarland in October.

JohnnyTri said...

now I gotta get that book! it looks serious..