Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Get Me Some Chute


This race report has gone on far too long, so I'll try to rap it up without unnecessarily boring you on the run. The best part is the end anyway.

Irony: lots of people call your name out on the run and give encouragement, especially in Madison where crowd support is HUGE! But you soon realize that they are reading your number and don't really know who you are. You quit turning to see who is cheering for you. However, I knew to turn and look for one of my peeps when they used my blog name. I got a hearty "GO GREYHOUND" from Iron Jenny, 21st Century Mom, the Tribe and several unknown bloggy peeps along the run course.

Iron Jenny and 21CM at the finish.

Pride: For a man, there is something especially satisfying you're 10 year old daughter AND your grown-up wife are both jumping up and down, ringing bells and squealing in the SAME octave, "THERE HE IS, THERE HE IS, THERE HE IS, THERE HE IS." Every man has a deep need for some woman to treat him like a rock star, and when those women are your wife and daughter, all is truly right with the world.


No Mind: The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Even though I was concerned about having enough in the tank for the marathon, it was not nearly as bad as I feared. I just started on my run/walk plan, concentrated on light, noiseless strides and good posture, and went from break to break, monitoring how I felt and what nutrition or hydration was needed as if watching a film from outside my body. It was particularly enjoyable on the second loop, in the dark, with the wind coming off the lake. I was alone with my thoughts, and they were simple ones. Oh, to bring that simplicity to the everyday of life.


Joy: Turning into the capitol square I got the squeals and cow bells again. Superpounce almost took off toward the chute without me, but I wanted to take some time--time to enjoy the moment and time to put on a Univeristy of Houston track and field jacket that I had carried over the course and that was given to me by one of the toughest runners I know.

With that done, it was time to be done.



Three years ago I could not swim 25 meters -- just plain inability. 10 months ago, I could not swim 5 meters or sit on my bike because I had completely ruptured a disk in my spine. But, a little over a week ago, I finished my first Ironman, but the finish is only temporary. I am already looking forward to the next one, figuring out how to get stronger and faster, and wanting to prove it to myself all over again.

What are you going to prove to yourself next year? What are you going to do with the heartbeats you've been given?


Laurie said...

You got some chute! Great finisher's photo and congrats again :)

21stCenturyMom said...

Great post! Just a perfect wind up to your story.

You look identical in every pic -knackered but proud.

Congratulations again and again. I'm not sure what I'm doing next year but a plan is forming.... oh yes it is.

TriMedic said...

Nice pics, I like the jacket, Go coogs you should check out we are putting together an Alumni team

Brent Buckner said...

Almost always planning the route to the Next Big Thing, huh?

Recover well!

Jane said...

That is a great finisher's photo! I really like your comment about your wife and daughter. It's nice to hear that there are decent men out there who love the important women in their lives. I bet they screamed their heads off - were they hoarse afterwards?

Pharmie said...

I think I was one of those people shouting your name on the run. Next time, I'll shout, "GO Greyhound!!" :) Congratulations again. It was so much fun seeing you and Tac after the finish.

Tea said...

Every single one of those pictures is incredible. I don't care if your story went on for another few weeks. I've enjoyed every minute of it.


Keep it coming!! So f*cking wonderful to read!!!

Baun said...

Congrats Greyhound! Nice RR. That's awesome you've come so far from your initial swimming abilities. I'm hoping to do the same next year!

pinkgurugal said...

your journey speaks for itself. rock on and shit, that tat is HUGE...size matters i guess! :)

Unknown said...

I, for one, was never bored!

Great job out there, great pictures, great race report, finishing up with a great question!

(And so glad to see that red running jacket in the finisher's photo, with Superpounce decked out in matching cape.)

Bigun said...

great finisher's photo! I hope (without being to presumptuous) I have the presence of mind to avoid an "uncool" tape-pose - I'll have to have Mrs. Bigun make a sign...something like, "remember to be cool!".

Michelle said...

What is the next one? Can't wait to find out!

Kim said...

you make me laugh. i love your pictures bc you look so incredibly strong and stoic, but you also look like you want to jump out of the picture and kick my ass!!!!

why running in a football stadium?!

tri-mama said...

That is one sweet finisher pic!

Unknown said...

greyhound is all about the chute!! awesome.

loved the last line, btw. that may become my new mantra.

congrats again. we here in u-t-of ah... shit, i have a half-ironman in five weeks! are proud of you!

Spokane Al said...

I really enjoyed every word of your race report. And as Kim said, you definitely looked stoic in your pictures. However, when we read your great words, we know that inside you are a sensitive softie.

Tracy said...

SO happy for you! You really did an awesome job out there - and that's probably one of the best finisher pics I've ever seen :)

Bolder said...

you are a wealthy man.


proud of you.

Lori said...

That last sentence is one of the best I have ever read. Extremely appropriate in both life and the endurance world. You have done such an amazing job in such a short amount of time. You should be darn proud of yourself.