Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Painful Irony

Isn't Ironic. Don't you think? The very month that little sistah AJ challenges us to post every day happens to be the month that I hit the biggest blogger-block-depression-skid-thingy I have ever experienced.

So, I guess I can post about not posting, and why. Primarily, my neck was apparently engineered by the lowest bidder in a failed governmental experiment and constructed from defective spare parts. Mistress Arlene and Doc JD have gotten me some measure of relief, but it seems to have plateaued. We are contemplating more aggressive diagnostic and pain management regimes, but in the meantime, training is both limited and painful. Swimming and biking are against the docs orders, and running is a constant struggle to find a way to hold my head and torso to avoid neck and shoulder pain.
I can hear what you're saying. "Why not just stop??? It's the off-season, you type A, training-diary-obsessed maniac."
I plead guilty as charged, but there are extenuating circumstances. (Ever the lawyer). Training is what I do for fun. It is the one brief interval of "play" that I have in my so-called grownup life. Moreover, I have paid for a race--the Disney Marathon in January--and I have to get in the miles. Uncomfortable or not, I cannot sit on the couch with 26.2 big ones staring me in the face less than two months from now. I had time goals for that race, but I fear even now that, like SOMA, those goals are slipping beyond my reach.
There is a bright spot. Coach T, who motivated me to the first sub-4 marathon effort last year, has changed jobs. Not only is this an excuse to encourage and cheer for someone else instead of wallowing in pain central, it also means she is not teaching classes every day at 0600 and is able to run with me again. If I get the work in, I will get by with a little help from my friends.
OUCH. I mean, out.


jbmmommy said...

Good luck with the recovery.

21st Century Mom said...

Okay fine but be smart about this. If I had to guess I'd say you could afford to sacrifice the price of a marathon entry in favor of your long term health.

So sorry about your neck. I don't know how many days off you have given it but if that number is lower than 3 I really, really, really recommend you take 3 or 4 days OFF, take a lot of ibuprofen and try not to turn your head too much. At least give it a break and let any inflamation come down.

I hope it gets better soon.

Iron Pol said...

Grey, 12 days prior to the first marathon I ever attempted, I pulled my hamstring. Over the next 10 days, I ran a grand total of zero. On the day prior to the race, I ran around the block to see how the leg felt.

While getting the training in is important, you have the aerobic base and can stand some rest days.

Okay, now for the real Iron Pol. Like you, injuries frustrate me and I tend to push it. But I did take the time off prior to the marathon. Let the docs find the issue, then give yourself time to recover.

M said...

Ironically, I've been facing the same issues--though not with an injury to overcome Thank Goodness. I guess blogging is a bit like training, it takes a while to get it ingrained into your life but once a habit is formed it gets easier. (I Hope!)

Disney is coming up fast. It's my first marathon and I'm running it with my little sister. Can't wait for the date but still am having trouble getting the miles in now that its dark and cold here in Chicago.

Take some rest now--view it like you'd take on a breakthrough session. Tough but Doable.

Hope to see you in Florida

TriBoomer said...


I'm sorry to read that the pain persists.

So, in an attempt to brighten your day let me tell you my IM Florida joke... "The run was so tough I saw a squirrel on the side of the road rubbing Ben Gay on his nuts!"

Stay tuned...

Taconite Boy said...

Recovery....Good....Pushing it too early...Bad :)