Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It's Weird And It's Slimy

by Superpounce

I found something in our classroom closet.
I don't exactly know what it is.
But I know one thing--it's weird and it's slimy.
I couldn't sleep that night.
What a fright to see that sight.
When I went to school the next day, I decided to go in the closet.
I reached in the closet and when I took it out, I screamed.
The teacher said it was harmless, and I could keep him.

I took him and kept him forever.


Habeela said...

Umm...the only weird, slimy thing I ever found in a closet was a disgusting cockroach so that's my vote.

21st Century Mom said...


Veeg said...

Um. . . Bolder?

mishele k said...

A frog?

On another note, we can pool party anytime you want except this Saturday. Or mornings... I don't do mornings.

Bolder said...

bad Veegie, bad.

Iron Pol said...

Wow Veeg, it's not even Friday.

greyhound said...

See the last line about taking him and keeping him forever? I'm just concerned its her future husband.