Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Other Woman

The one or two regular readers out there may have noticed a trend. I've never thought of myself as a lady's man, but I tend to be surrounded by women--Mrs. Greyhound, Coach T, Maria Gratia, M&M. True confession time. There is "another woman."

Its not M&M. She trains with me because I'm married and harmless and yet still male enough to proivde rudimentary security in the park at 0500. I'm sort of her training eunuch. Coach T is a 23 year old runner chick that could drop any would-be attacker, and I'm not sure why she lets me hang around. Maria Gratia is spoken for and Calivnist (like me) besides. Mrs. Greyhound has nothing to fear from these women.

No the other woman is Carmen. She is so infatuating, in part because I'm not sure she's into me. I get the feeling that, at any moment, she could kick me to the curb and move on without regret; yet, I want more. I need to master her, establish my worth to her.

Oh, the lines. The taut, lean smoothness of her body. The silken slience of her movements. The earth moves when she lets me mount her; yet, if I don't please her she throws me off. She has no patience for imperfection. Somewhere, she knows, there is a triathlete worthy of her -- those carbon forks and that aerodynmaic rear end. She lets me know every time I clip in, that she's doing me a favor.

Carmen Tequilo. She only tolerates me . . . and yet, I must have more.


Curly Su said...

i still haven't figured out if my bike is male or female...congrats for you!

Habeela said...

Well, at least Carmen makes you work to earn her favor. She'll probably make you work all the way from here to the Ironman. She's definitely beautiful!

Flatman said...

"...and that aerodynmaic rear end."

Hahhhaaaa...great post, brother!

Congrats on the sweet ride!!!