Thursday, March 29, 2007

Swim Star

Yay for me. I led my lane in the masters workout yesterday. First time EVAH!

There was no one around with a camera, so I've found a piece of video in the public domain that sort of approximates my performance.

OK, so I wasn't quite like Phelps. And seriously, you MUST seek out and watch his current perforamances at the World Aquatic Championships. He is shattering records every time he gets wet and this meet may go down as one of the most dominant in the history of the sport. He is a man among boys right now.

Unlike Phelps, I have no flip turn, let alone an explosive flip turn that allows me to grab a length and a half on the competition, all underwater. Just LOOK at how far he travels under the water and how he gains ground at every chance.

Obviously, my lane was not the fastest of the lot, but I hung in there. What a difference over last year. For each of the intervals, I would gain ground on my lane mates by the middle of every length and lose time in the turns. I gotta get me a flip turn. If I master a turn, I could graduate to a faster lane.

No promises for the race this weekend, however. In open salt water, all bets are off, and I just want to make it onto the bike without being pummeled by some Amazon woman with a hatred of short guys in neoprene.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

The Amazon part I mean.


Amy said...

Salt water makes you float better and therefore go faster. Or so I'm told. We train in a salt water pool in the summer up here. It's so floaty. Look out for seals though. Like little dogs my behind! Seals like to play with other things that look like seals... such as short girls in neoprene. Though the Amazons will protect you I'm sure.

Spence said...

yay for swimming!!!

Hey, you can gain some time with well-executed open turns...they're not AS fast but they allow you to grab an extra bite of air while the flip does not. Also, work your walls - focus hard on getting your body SUPER streamline when you push off and you may find you're not losing so much at each end.

Go fishy!!!

TriJack said...

congrats gh!

Wendy said...

Great work Greyhound! Leading the lane is more than just being quick. It's about motivating and encouraging your lane mates and keeping them on track. (And counting.)

TriBoomer said...

Today, lane leader; tomorrow, lane 4.

Go, dog, go!

Have a great race in Galveston.

Stay tuned...

Brent Buckner said...

All the best for Galveston.

I was signed up for that one in 2005, but I lagged in training and in purchasing a bike, so I canceled.

The flatness had huge appeal!

21stCenturyMom said...

Thanks for posting that - it was so inspiring!

Good luck in your race.

Bolder said...

outstanding swim porn.

was that you in the black trunks?

p.s. blogger spam died with the new blogger... Word Ver is dead.