Thursday, March 08, 2007

Bloggers Down

Newly in from the "Get A Life" division at Greyhound Central, youtube has been taken offline IN AN ENTIRE COUNTRY! Not only that, it is a country that fancies itself to be modern, secular, western and is a member of NATO. Why, you ask? Because internet dorks insulted the father of modern Turkey. Here's a news story about it:

Turkish court shuts down YouTube
By Vincent Boland in Istanbul
Published: March 7 2007 17:05 Last updated: March 7 2007 17:05
Turkey’s largest internet services provider shut down access to the YouTube video-sharing web site on Wednesday after a court ruling that some of its content insulted Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey.
The decision followed days of furious insult-sharing among Turkish and Greek users of the popular and controversial site.
The result was a flood of complaints to the site and to the media from Turkish users angered by what one newspaper said were “fanatic Greeks broadcasting videos” insulting Ataturk.

Seriously! Are democracies so fragile that they are threatened if someone photoshops George Washington?

And from the "nanner nanner boo boo" division of Greyhound Central, here is one of the offending videos. (Parental Advisory: it's not totally over the top, but may not be appropriate for pre-teens)

Ooooooo. Scary. The internet. Grow up.

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Iron Pol said...

I read that. It's a good the US doesn't react that way every time someone throws a barb. We'd have no t.v, radio, Internet, theater, comedy clubs, or barber shops.