Thursday, October 12, 2006

Wet Dog

I haven't posted about training lately because there are so many of my friends on the cusp of their Ironman tapers that my own tale of woe pretty unimpressive. I am sure that Kahuna, Trimama, Commodore, Triboomer, Bolder and the crew make me look like I'm skiving off my duties. Nevertheless, I am SPENT.
Yeah, this is me. No longer fleeling like a superhero. That was last week, recovery week. Now I'm a wet dog. Smell and all, I'm told. This is the peak week before the Date with Destiny, the Clash of the Titans, the bloggy version of the "Challenge of the Sexes," yes, I am speaking of SOMA: Nytro v. Greyhound. Mano a Mano . . . no disrespect intended to my non-manly opponent.
Training is still "recess," as I like to say, but right now it is a recess that goes on and on and on like the Energizer Bunny with an amphetemine problem until you start clock-watching for the bell and pining for Social Studies. The long stuff is really long, but now the fast stuff is also really fast, often twice a day. In between, wakefulness and lucid thought are intermittent.
It was kind of funny the other night. My second workout of the day was an evening swim at the Woodlands Athletic Center while swim team practice was going on. At such times, there is only one lane open for adult lap swim, and the rest are filled with 0% body fat 8 year old water bugs ripping through their workout. I was doing my version of fast 100 meter repeats, huffing and puffing at the wall after each one. The little water urchins were kind of looking at me like, "what's wrong with that guy? Do we need to call an ambulance?"
Brain: I've got albums older than you, kid.
Kid Brain: What's an album?
If the weather holds, tonight it is Coach T at the track--run fast until medical intervention is necessary. Miki and his wife, the Olympian, will be there too. If the rain comes, it is treadmill intervals until the thing squirts me off the back. Tomorrow, masters swim and Miki's house of pain. Saturday, long ride and runoff. Sunday, long run and long swim.


Nytro said...

you sound beat. hopefully, you're overtraining. i recommend oreos. and beer.

Bolder said...

you are doing your thang my friend!

guess you can thank the athena one, because you will be soooo ready for the load when your final build comes for Wisconsin next year!

i'm changing my mind, my money is now on The T-hound!

Shelley said...

Why all the training? Are you doing an Ironman or something..:-)

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

OMG, is he trying to kill you? or maybe make you a half iron type person?

i'll see your skinny butt at soma, mister.

Brent Buckner said...

You're loading to the max -> big payoff coming at SOMA!

Reading that post made me want to declare my off-season over and start cranking up training hours.

Flatman said...

get some sleep, dawg!

Iron Pol said...

You need to keep reminding us that you are training for one final race for the season. Because I look at your schedule and feel all lazy. Until I remember that I'm in recovery mode until Oct. 21.

That is when training for SORT HIM and IM Louisville begin.

Until then, just call me Sloth Pol.

Veeg said...

You are a supah-hero. Fo' sho'.