Sunday, September 24, 2006

Whiskey and Chocolates

Last night, it broke. The Houstonian death grip of heat and humidity broke, hopefully for good. The radar last night showed a line of thunderstorms stringing from the northwest tip of San Antonio to Lufkin. From dusk until the storms arrived at 9 p.m., you could see the lightning over the pines. The flashes of power told the story. Off in the darkness somewhere was the line between Houston summer suffering and autumn. The summer resisted. Waiting for the front to arrive, just standing there on the front porch, clammy sweat rolled down my spine and beaded on my forehead. I hate this place sometimes.
This morning, we were on the other side of the line. Instead of fetid, the air was fresh. Instead of wind from a convection oven, a cool breeze. Church, then a long run along the bayou--a pleasure in the middle of the day where 24 hours earlier it would have been hazardous due to the heat. End the day with a long, steady swim at dusk in an outdoor, olympic size pool with only three other swimmers. I almost shivered.
Sunday nights are a treat because the training for the week is done and Monday is a rest day. This night, two chocolate truffles and Tyrconnell single malt Irish whiskey, a reward for the progress so far, total relaxation after some long training. Tonight, they were particularly sweet.
Life is good.


JohnnyTri said...

Thats what I'm talkin bout! SMW, good stuff., we'll have 2gether and enjoy..and you're right, the WEATHER rocks! I was supposed to train today but was not feeling well so took it as a rest day as to not make myself worse. Feel much better this evening.

Habeela said... weather and chocolate - the perfect combination. :)

triboomer said...

Summer finally broke here in Dallas on Saturday. It sure felt good running in 60 degrees with no humidy.

My pre-day off treat is a dark micro brew. Gotta love it!

Stay tuned...

Lance Notstrong said...

Sounds like everyone in Texas is looking foward to some cooler weather.

Flatman said...

Lovin' every minute of it!!!

Sarah said...

Hoping you're right, and summer is gone for good!!

Spokane Al said...

Glad to hear the weather broke for you, although you won't be getting much sympathy in a few months from those of us trudging through the snow.

Whiskey and Chocolates - sounds like the title of a song from George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers!