Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Smells LIke Athena Spirit

"You smell that smell--that charcoal smell? That's Athena.

"I LOVE the smell of Athena in the morning. . . . . Smells like . . . VICTORY!"

It is SO on. SOMA is so SO ON!!

For any newcomers to the blog, my friend Nytro and I have a thingy. We are both racing SOMA and she thinks she can hang with me--my poor old 40 year old self. Nytro is like all "Miss Podium Finisher." She's all svelt and taut at 169 Poundaroos. But let's face it. She's hasn't raced against a chiuaua class triathlete like me before. Her competition typically blots out the sun or changes weather patterns. The chiuaua class racer slices through the water, defies the wind, and springs off the bike like a pistol shot. And she can't beat me by having some Iron ringer hubby swim and bike for her like some Xterra relay. She has to do the whole thing herself.
And you can't use that scooter either, Nytro. Internal combustion engines are against USAT rules.

So yeah, I had a good brick in the park this morning. At 0445 the temps were (finally) down in the 60s, and I ripped around the picnic loop for two hours worth of two mile intervals. The Ipod was blaring Siegfried's Death and Funeral March (right before Brunhilde casts herself on the funeral pire) and Ride of the Valkeries when I started to smell that smell.

Roasting Athena. VICTORY.

After two hours of hammering, I sprang off the bike and ripped off a 5k at about 8 minute pace and felt like I could have gone on forever. Athenas and Cruiser class dudes were falling into the ditches after being pelted by the mighty greyhound's slipstream. We are the Cowboys from hell.


Welcome to the jungle, Nytro. We got fun and games. Fun and games indeed. One hour of powerlifting with Miki, and I'm not done. I'm off to the pool tonight. Yes, that's right. 4.5 hours of training in one day.

And I feel good.

Wait--you mean it's not going to be 60 degrees on the run in Tempe?

And she's only going half as far as I am? I have to maintain the same pace over a half-iron as she does for the quarter?

Oh, snap. Never mind.


Iron Pol said...

Eeesh! It has begun.

Remind me to duck and wear kevlar when entering your site for the next several weeks.

Iron Benny said...

ohhhhhhh.... you've got balls my friend. great big hot wasabi balls. more on that on my blog later tonight.

i would like it noted for the record that you were the one to reference a chiuaua... not me. now, the gates have been opened. prepare yourself for the wrath of an athena.

Nytro said...

by the way... that was me... not ironbenny.

and, by the way, when i read that i had posted under his name, i actually said:

"oh, snap! that wasn't ironbenny! he would never say anything like that!"

you've been warned.

21st Century Mom said...

Oh you crazy kids! I'm making pop corn right now!

Flatman said...

Hee. Hey Bold, can I borrow your lawn chair???

JohnnyTri said...

Hey I was out that are that time at the Loop. I was the one everyone was passing! Actually had to stop bout 5:30am due to rear wheel problems. I'll have to let ya know when Im next headin out there. Good luck against Nitro!!
Cant wait to hear the post race low down..

Nytro said...

that's NYTRO... not nitro. get it right, or don't come back here.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

oh wow. Please try to avoid the Pirate when you're aiming at each other. I'll just try to stay out of the way...

Scott said...

This is getting good....

IM Able said...

Seriously, who is bringing the nachos? Chips and dip, anyone?

Oh, snap is right!

TriBoomer said...


Words to the wise chihuahua... remember after SOMA she will still be the almighty Nytro.

Think about it maaaannnn... think.

Stay tuned...

Tammy said...

Ouch. You goin' down man! My $'s on Nytro! :)

Geek Girl said...

Careful, there, Greybunny. I will also be at Soma, and although I may be losing my Athena status, I'm fiercely loyal to the idea.