Friday, September 15, 2006

Miki y Ja (Miki and Me): First In, Last Out.


Thus bellowed the voice of Miki, my Serbian strength trainer Thursday morning.

"Huh??" was my uber-articulate reply.

"You arrrrrrrrrrrrrre . . . **pause grin** . . . . dah MAN! Firstone een da gym. Last one out."

Of course, it would be Miki who coins the phrase that will be the motto for Greyhound 2.0--the training. That is what I want my training to be. First In. Last Out. It is the mantra I repeated to myself this morning when I did not want to go to masters swim practice. "First In. Last Out." Swim, I did.
And in breaking news, Greyhound's workout yesterday included 5 sets of heavy lifts, in which Greyhound benchpressed 5 sets of 5 using the same weight that was his one rep max earlier this summer.
Greyhound started referring to himself in the third person when he began completing Eastern Bloc powerlifter workouts and asking his Serbian trainer to add some weight to the bar in the last sets.


Brent Buckner said...

Great execution!

I found it a little spooky to see that you already have an IMMoo countdown going. Isn't that a few hills over the horizon still? ;-)

Bolder said...

in my bidness, we call that FILO.

we have FIFO too, but FILO is 4 u.

Brent Buckner said...

That bolder. Always being queue-t. LIFO the party.

21st Century Mom said...

Ya, dat Miki - he iss making you da MAHN. Ya, da mahn, baabee - YA!

Iron Benny said...

I'm confused, are you training for a triathlon or are you fighting Rocky Balboa?

Pharmie said...


Great to meet you out at Moo! Guess we'll be seeing more of each other as the next year unfolds:)