Friday, June 23, 2006

Lubbock isn't Nice (pronounced neice)

If you're from Lubbock, please don't take this the wrong way, but its like a long freakin' way out here. Nine hours in the car, some of which is over a landscape that, well let's just say it's not the south of France. While little sister Curly-Su rolls with her jet set friends in Nice while doing Ironman France, I'l be in . . .

West Texas. There's nothing between here and Canada except two barbed wire fences, and those blew over. I bet Curly-Su couldn't find a rodeo arena or stockyard anywhere within 100 kilometers of her little Frenchy L'homme de fer race.

And I can see the Wal Mart parking lot from my hotel. Bananas and Bagels. So there!

Actually, I'm happy to finally be here, happy to have made some new cajun triathlete friends during the drive up, and looking forward to the course recon tomorrow. In addition to driving the course, we're going to tackle those staircase climbs on the bike in and out of T1, just to gain some confidence.

Until then, au revoir, mes amis.

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TTUTri said...

Gotta love Lubbock. I must point outthere isa great winery out in Lubbock.

We'll be there tomorrow afternoon... hasta.