Wednesday, June 21, 2006

. . . get back to reality . . .

Accuweather says suffering is in order on Sunday, June 25 in Lubbock, Texas.

High Temperature:
92° F
NE at 17 mph
Wind Gusts:
35 mph
Maximum UV:
Very High (10)
Thunderstorm Probability:

**Warning, false bravado to follow** Y'all yankee tri-chicas, Cali pretty boys and mountain metrosexuals may have your tri-s with the pretty 70 degree weather and the cooling rain showers. That's not how we roll in Texas. We be keepin' it real. 92 with wind gusts to 35 mph is just old school, baby. You want some 'o me, mother nature??


TTUTri said...

Wind Blows.

Flatman said...

Good luck! Are you and TTUtri meeting up???

Veeg said...

You are going to go head-to-head with Mama Nature and smack dat beeyotch up! :)

Good luck! Remember your sunscreen. ;)

TriBoomer said...

Muthah Nature Productions presents the TriGreyhound vs. Buffalo Springs Ironman 70.3 Showdown!

The wind,
the heat,
the distance,
they can't stop this tri-stud from gettin' his.

Stay tuned...

Carrie said...

Word to yo mutha brotha! Keep it real and you will kick some booty. Keep this in mind--92 degrees is COLD in Texas this time of year.

Curly Su said...

you're going to kick some butt regardless of the stupid weather...heat, shmeat--right?

and a half is NOT're going to have a blast!

Myles said...

Thanks god it's not going to be too hot and we'll also have that refreshing west Texas "breeze".

See you at the Buff Springs!

jessie_tri_mn said...

Ugh, not moving to Texas aytime soon...

But, as a local, you're totally acclimated and ready to face this sort of thing already, right? Those gusts...they'll be behind you, right? Piece of cake.

Iron Benny said...

Looks likes someone has been hanging out with Bolder too much. Be careful, his uberness might rub off on you.